We now recommend using this tutorial to resolve iSyncr errors "An operation is taking a long time".

The media database is sometimes referred to as the "media cache" or "media storage". We are going to refer to the media cache as the "media database" in this tutorial. Note: refreshing the media database will remove created playlists from Android and ringtones.

When to refresh media database

  • "Device Failed to update playlist"
  • "An operation is taking a long time"
  • Playlists continuously being removed from Android player or Rocket Player
When we clear the media database we don't know when the media database is rebuilt and ready to be accessed again. Fortunately, iSyncr is equipped with a notification setting to let you know when the Android media database is still being rebuilt. After this notification disappears, we know that the media database is rebuilt.

iSyncr media scanner

Note: When this notification appears, it does not mean iSyncr is active or working, rather it is only "notifying" you that the media scanner is running.
1. Start by going to "Settings" in the iSyncr application.
If you do not have iSyncr or only using Rocket Player
You will have to guess on when the media database is rebuilt. Proceed through this tutorial when you have the ability to leave your device alone for a period of hours (e.g. before you sleep). Refresh the media database so that you can let it sit overnight to rebuild the database.
2. Navigate to "Media Scanner" from "Settings" and check the "Notifications" box.

3. With the notification setting enabled in iSyncr, open the settings on your Android device. If you do not have iSyncr, start by opening the settings on your Android device.

4. Once in the settings, we need to go to "Applications".
5. Now choose "Manage Applications".
6. Then choose "All". Search for an application named "Media Storage" or "Media Store". This application came with the device and was not downloaded.

7. Once in the list of all applications, scroll down to select "Media Storage" or "Media Store".

8. Finally, we get to the Media Storage and can press "Clear data". This does not remove any media from your device, but does clear the database that most applications use to display new songs, playlists, photos, etc.

9. Now that we've cleared the media database, we will rebuild it. For this step, all you need to do is reboot your Honeycomb device. Once it reboots, you should see the notification in the following picture. Once that notification goes away, the media database is rebuilt and you can continue using your device like normal. If you do not have a notification because you do not have iSyncr, wait for a period of hours before trying to use your device.
10. Plug your Android device into the computer and attempt to sync. It is OK if the notification comes up during this process.
11. Even if you get the "Operation is taking a long time" message, try giving iSyncr ten minutes of waiting on the device to respond. It might start working.When the sync is over, unplug the Android device and wait for the notification to end again before plugging it in again.

This concludes our tutorial on how to refresh the media database on an Android device 3.0+.
If you have questions about this tutorial or find an issue with the tutorial please email: [email protected]