iSyncr for iTunes to Android USB Tutorial
1 Download iSyncr for iTunes to Android onto your Android device from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

Download iSyncr for iTunes to Android
 Download iSyncr Desktop

2 iSyncr offers to allow you to email yourself the following link to download iSyncr Desktop from

Link to download iSyncr
Sync over USB - iTunes to Android

3 Opening the application and selecting the USB option will allow you to walk through the USB tutorial.
It's not necessary to have iSyncr open on Android to sync over USB.

USB tutorial for iSyncr, iTunes to Android app
4 Once iSyncr Desktop and iSyncr are both installed, use the USB device cable that came with the device and connect it to your PC or Mac computer. Make an MTP connection to your Mac or PC computer.
Start at this step after the introductory, or 1st sync.

iSyncr guide for iTunes to Android sync
5 (Windows Only!) Connect your device with a USB cable and verify that it is able to be seen in "This computer". Mac's "Finder" will not display the device.

iSyncr USB guide for iTunes to Android
6 Right click on Windows or left click on Mac the "S" icon to open iSyncr Desktop, then select your Android device. iSyncr Desktop runs on your system tray (PC) or menu bar (Mac) as seen above. iSyncr Desktop will allow you to sync to the SD card or internal storage if the storage is able to be identified.

iSyncr Desktop - iTunes to Droid app
7 Select playlists, artists, albums, genres and/or podcasts and press . Your music and playlists should be available on your Android device a couple of minutes after unplugging the device.

Send music from iTunes to Android - iSyncr help
8 After the sync has finished, play your music using the built-in "Music" app on your device, or use JRT Studio's Rocket Music Player app for advanced iTunes music integration!

Need Help?

iSyncr is also able to sync over WiFi if you're stuck syncing over USB.
To resolve USB issues contact us and mention what step you're stopped at (6,7,8 etc.) so we can help.