While I work, I'm constantly testing JRT Studio's products. I'm a believer in using what you make. As such, I usually stream music via Bluetooth to some desktop speakers instead of plugging the phone in. This allows for testing Rocket Player's Bluetooth compatibility. The trouble is that these speakers are made to plug into your computer and don't have Bluetooth. So I've been using various Bluetooth receivers. My favorite has been the Sony MW600, as it shows you what song is playing. However, after years of use, the battery is now down to three or four hours tops before needing to be re-charged, as a result. So I ordered the newer Sony device, SBH52, however, it randomly disconnects which is completely unacceptable. So now it is on to device number three, the "Mpow", pictured above. This device is super cheap with great ratings on Amazon, so I'm really interested to see how it goes.