For those of you who do not know, we're excited to be releasing Rocket Player 3.3 shortly. Over the past five years our customers have supported us on both the Amazon Appstore and Google Play; we're thrilled to continue to offer Rocket Player updates on both app stores, as well as to our PayPal customers. To all of you, we say "Thank you!" and hope that you'll continue rocking with Rocket Player.

Through our continuous contact with our customers, we understand that sometimes our Amazon subscribers feel a little left out. Customers have expressed their displeasure with our seemingly "slow" updates of Rocket Player to the Amazon Appstore. Amazon does not allow us to update applications as quickly as Google Play, or our internal server (PayPal); so this takes a little more time in the process. Amazon, (for the good and protection of its customers) forces applications through a timely review process before updates are released.

It's for this reason that the Amazon Appstore will continue to receive Rocket Player updates, but these updates will be when Rocket Player is fully stable. This version will represent the best of the many iterations Rocket Player sees. As we iterate on Rocket Player, we utilize Google Play's rollouts feature. For instance, Rocket Player may only be rolled out to 1% of Google Play users when you see something that makes you think that Rocket Player on the Play Store is far ahead of Amazon.


Google Play has an updated but not the Amazon Appstore?
We're a three person team, the time it takes us to update and be approved by the Amazon Appstore does not allow us to be effective with our limited time. It is not always the case that everyone on Google Play is receiving the update.

Why should I download from the Amazon Appstore instead of another store?
The Amazon Appstore is a great store! If you happen to catch us in the short time where is appears behind, don't worry! We are committed to updating the Amazon Appstore to the same version as Android.