I'm excited to let you know that Rocket Player is back in the Google Play Store! Our eleven-day hiatus from Google Play store is over. We can't wait to get back to business as usual and continue our quest to make the best music player we can. All of the free features you've come to love, like an equalizer, bass booster, tag editing, ratings support and themes are back.

For now, there are two Rocket Player apps in the Play Store, which is confusing. We put in the new version as a stopgap until Google reinstated the original version.

If you do not have Rocket Player installed, install this version

If you do have Rocket Player installed, just keep using it! Rocket Player will help you migrate to the correct version if/when the time comes. Just keep auto-updates turned on for Rocket Player and you'll be just fine.

Thanks again for all of the supporting emails, tweets & posts! We truly appreciate it.