iSyncr works in two parts. The iSyncr application for your Android device, and a desktop client called iSyncr Desktop for your PC or Mac. Both parts must be installed to sync over WiFi or USB. USB syncing is accomplished by connecting your device with a USB cable and interfacing with iSyncr Desktop. WiFi syncing is accomplished by connecting your device to the same a WiFi connection as iSyncr Desktop.


iSyncr Desktop (for your PC/Mac) runs on your system tray (PC) or menu bar (Mac). iSyncr Desktop must be installed and running to sync over USB or WiFi. For more information on how to sync over USB view this tutorial.

Once your device is able to be viewed by iSyncr Desktop, select it to sync your iTunes playlists/artists/albums/genres and podcasts will be able to be selected to be sync'd.


iSyncr on your Android device is used to view the tutorial to sync over USB or sync over a WiFi connection.

iSyncr is a powerful, yet lightweight and reliable application that can give you access to your iTunes media and help manage the media by recording play counts, skip counts, and ratings (when used with specific music players, or the ratings widget for more music players).