As most of you know, Rocket Player has full Android Auto support now! Yay! You can easily control your favorite Android music player from your car's Android Auto interface. This gives you Rocket Player's incredible sound, customizable EQ, filters and more, all on your daily commute.

While Rocket Player has been working great for most everyone, some people are seeing issues. This makes sense, as Android Auto itself is still quite new and not battle tested. Further, car manufacturers aren't known for their stellar software. So if you've found an issue, please follow the following steps.

  1. Are you seeing this issue on your phone or on a car stereo? If you are seeing this on your car stereo, try using Android Auto on your phone
  2. You are seeing an issue using the phone app? If the issue isn't one of the known issues listed below, please email [email protected] so we can work on the issue with you.
    • No text is initially shown in the menu, but the text is clickable.