About Page About JRT Studio
  • Founded by Justin Tipton (@Tiptopdrop) in 2009
  • Independent Android development focused on innovative music applications
  • Located in Austin, TX
  • The JRT Studio story:


    Justin Richard Tipton (JRT): I'm one of the lucky people who get to do their dream job. After several years of coding for a big software company, I jumped on the Android bandwagon when the Nexus One was released. The thought of a much lower priced phone that could still sync play counts with iTunes was enough to drive me to create iSyncr, the first Android app to sync with iTunes.

    I didn't know if anyone would buy it, so I put it out on the Android Market (Pre-Play Store). A few months later, and many sleepless nights, I submitted my resignation and started work for JRT Studio full time. Was it scary? Heck yeah! Do I regret it? No way! This is still a job, but how lucky am I that I get to wake up everyday and do something I love?
    "Honestly, we're not sure it gets much simpler than this if you use iTunes, (iSyncr) is a must-have." - Whitson Gordon, Lifehacker

    "Rocket Player's Android interface is top notch. . . clean, minimal, and efficient . . . all of that while maintaining a polished feel" - Joel Lee, MakeUseOf

    Winston is the JRT Studio mascot. Born in the early 00's. A lover of food, hands, and slobber. Winston works hard to bring positive vibes to the lab and continues to improve his begging ability.

    JRT Studio LLC
    5501-A Balcones Dr #167
    Austin, TX 78731
    Hours: 7 day/week email support