Version 5.14

  • Filter bar in more places
  • Minimalist mode now removes the filter bar
  • List phones use space better on phones that are longer than normal

Version 5.13

  • USB-C headphone support
  • Bluetooth fast-forward and rewind support
  • Samsung users on Android 10 get forced rescans to help with metadata issues
  • Fix repetitive dialog for some users
  • Fix playlist re-ordering bug
  • Samsung users on Android 10 get forced rescans to help with metadata issues
  • Samsung users on Android 10 get forced rescans to help with metadata issues

Version 5.12

  • Fixed some translations
  • Fixed issue with Pixel phones and bad files skipping
  • CCPA work

Version 5.11

  • Fixed a hang
  • Headset button fix
  • Shuffle tweak
  • Move to WorkManager for background scanner
  • Crash fix for some menu item clicks on some phones
  • Shrunk overflow menu button just a bit to be closer to spec
  • Various Android Q fixes

Version 5.10

  • Faster startup
  • Prepare for Gracenote to stop providing album art
  • Fixed issue where sometime iSyncr data doesn't successfully import

Version 5.9

  • Re-re-wrote the folder view
  • Fix playlist re-ordering bug

Version 5.8

  • Chromecast fixes
  • Fix media scanner

Version 5.7

  • Resizable widgets
  • Configurable widgets
  • Smoother scrolling

Version 5.6

  • Chromecast album art fix
  • Downloading album art on Android 9.0 fix
  • Theme previews on Android 9.0 fix
  • Speed up the shuffle algorithm in some cases
  • Crash fixes

Version 5.5

  • Fixes 5.4's unresponsiveness

Version 5.4

  • Fixed folder jumping bug
  • Fixed slow starting play in the songs tab

Version 5.3

  • New adaptive icon
  • Fix audio focus on Android 8.0
  • Add support for using the default album art
  • Too many bug fixes to list

Version 5.2

  • New: New icon!

Version 5.1

  • New: Slightly more random shuffle
  • New: Begin play on connect for wired headsets on Oreo. Requires leaving the Rocket Player notification running. (This doesn't consume more battery, but some battery managers will report that Rocket Player is running all the time)

Version 5.0

  • New: UI Tweaks
  • Fixed: Headset button presses

Version 4.8

  • New: Mono support!
  • Fixed: UI bugs

Version 4.7

  • New: Android Auto lists are now limited! If RP returns too many items to the Android Auto app, it hangs. RP returns items to AA in under 200ms. It takes ages to process it!! If you use the 2.7 version of Android Auto the application will operate better, report 2.8 to Google here!
  • Media player crash fixes
  • Better "Now Playing" saving code. Sometimes my now playing list disappears, and I'm trying to figure out why. So I rewrote part of the code to be cleaner.
  • Another Bluetooth receiver fix
  • A couple of crash fixes based on 4.7 usage
  • Made now playing bar progress indicator more responsive
  • Unified now playing bar code so any future fixes help all activities
  • Fixed not being able to remove items from playlists
  • Fixed Oreo auto scanning code
  • Another Bluetooth receiver fix
  • Multiple fixes for battery drain caused by Android Wear/Android Auto bugs. No finger pointing needed, just workaround/fixes!
  • Begin reporting stats for when are wakelock hangs so I'll be more sensitive to this in the future
  • Fixes for tag scanning. Some unicode MP3 tags haven't been scanning properly for years.
  • Random crash fixes
  • Updates for Oreo: Unfortunately, this removes the setting "Begin Play on Connect" if you are on an Android 8.0+ device

    • Version 4.6

    • New: Filter bar on all tabs
    • Attempt to fix hang when starting the audio service resulting in ANR
    • Fix number 513 for wrong sample rate detected (wrong audio speed)
    • Updated to Support Library 26.02
    • Fixed ever crash reported with the last build
    • Fixed slow rendering for many, many customers! Unfortunately, we no longer have alphabetical (A-Z) letter breaks in tabs

    Version 4.5

    • New: Released Cloud features to backup play counts & ratings
    • New: tabs will be adjusted (moved left) base on usage
    • Fix: Multiple hangs that occur with slow networks

    • Version 4.4

      • New: Beta support for backing up your ratings and play-counts to the cloud

      Version 4.3

      • New: Android Auto support
      • New: Improved Android Wear support
      • New: Double tap forward or back buttons to skip 30 seconds when listening to a podcast
      • New: Option to filter duplicates from being added to a playlist
      • Fixes a possible battery issue fix
      • Fixes some crashes on MP4 files
      • Fixes editing MP4 file on 5.0+ SD cards
      • Fixes using the "X" button to close Rocket Player from a notification
      • Fixes some scanning folder selection issues

      Version 4.2

      • New: Android 7.0 (Nougat) support
      • New: Audio engine updates
      • New: Marshmallow permission support

      Version 4.1

      • New: Add duplicate prevention dialog for adding songs to playlists
      • New: Re-add launch player operational settings
      • Fixed: 4.0 has several performance issues that 4.1 fixes

      Version 4.0

      • New: The default theme is changed to be a color shifting theme based on the artwork of the song you are playing
      • New: Player view now slides up from the bottom
      • New: Multi-select (Batch) mode for playlists!
      • New: Android wear support setting in “Operations” (May disrupt bluetooth info on 5.0+ devices)
      • New: Force the app language to be English
      • New: Cloud features require and expansion app so we can update/fix cloud issues seperately from the Rocket Player application
      • Fixed: Several storage access issues in Android 5.0+

      Version 3.4.1

      • New: Get Info screen for songs
      • New: Ability to turn off lockscreen art on Lollipop via new setting
      • New: Scrolling text in player view
      • New: New: Android wear support setting in “Operations” (May disrupt bluetooth info on 5.0+ devices)
      • Fixed: Battery drain when using Bluetooth
      • Fixed ( Edit tags on Android 6.0

      Version 3.4.0

      • NEW: Support for Lyrics for Android
      • Fixed: Album Art downloading

      • Version 3.3.2

        • NEW: Support for new Wood Theme
        • NEW: Support for new HD Theme
        • NEW: Album artist tag editing
        • NEW: Ability to have only the small notification
        • Fixed : Many bugs from 3.3.1.

        Version 3.3.1

        • NEW: Tag editing/deleting on Android 5.0
        • Fixed: Many bug fixes from 3.3.0
        • Fixed:Thank you Klint for the updated French translation
        • March 17, 2015

        Version 3.3.0

        • NEW: Default material blue theme
        • NEW: Opus support
        • NEW: 13 new themes
        • NEW: Theme switcher
        • NEW: Artist pictures for cloud subscribers
        • NEW: Show art in the song tab
        • NEW: Better memory management
        • NEW: Feature to block car Bluetooth stereos from auto starting music playback
        • NEW: Live List support for playlist shortcuts
        • NEW: Folder browser now supports the back button
        • March 1, 2015


        • NEW: Live List support for Playlist Shortcuts
        • FIXED: Album art issues with media store
        • FIXED: Skip unplayable songs more gracefully
        • FIXED: Lollipop stuttering issue
        • FIXED: Bluetooth disconnect still resumes song
        • FIXED: Duration not changing
        • FIXED: Keep notification option actually works now
        • FIXED: Widget sizing issues
        • FIXED: Faster scans, unless they are manually started.

        Version 3.2.0

        • NEW: Album artist tab
        • NEW: Headset high priority setting
        • NEW: Chromecast is turned off by default to save resources.
        • FIXED: Random headset issues
        • FIXED: Random crash while playing music
        • FIXED: Sorting with some accented characters
        • FIXED: Chromecast issues on Samsung Note 3

        Version 3.1.0

        • NEW: Resource settings
        • FIXED: Keep notification on causing Rocket Player to appear in notification bar randomly

        Version 3.0.0

        • NEW: Bass Booster
        • NEW: Updated look
        • NEW: Fresh icon
        • NEW: View as songs in artists/genre/composer pages
        • NEW: Tabs settings for more customization

        Version 2.8.3

        • NEW: Live list ranges
        • NEW: Stop after each song ability
        • NEW: Playlist shortcuts
        • NEW: Full view for album/artists

        Version 2.8.2

        • NEW: Delete files on KitKat SD cards (uses a hack that might go away)
        • FIXED: Chromecast not starting properly
        • FIXED: Free EQ dropping out on some devices
        • FIXED: Widget not responding on the Galaxy S5
        • FIXED: Clicking a tab results in only one shown tab

        Version 2.8.1

        • NEW: Export playlists
        • NEW: Sort playlists
        • FIXED: Missing and hidden playlists

        Version 2.8.0

        • NEW: Easier to edit playlists
        • NEW: Chromecast Audio Support

        Version 2.7.0

        • NEW: Easier to edit playlists
        • FIXED: Use less memory when loading large album art

        Version 2.6.6

        • NEW: Added some support for Samsung 4.3 and 4.4 updates. Check the JRT Studio blog for information
        • NEW: Swiping to kill the app will shutdown the background process

        Version 2.6.5

        • FIXED: KitKat lyrics view was offset
        • FIXED: Ratings randomly going missing due to 2.6.3 KitKat support

        Version 2.6.4

        • FIXED: KitKat fixes results in duplicate playlists

        Version 2.6.3

        • NEW: Support for SD cards on Android 4.4 (KitKat)

        Version 2.6.1

        • NEW: Adjust the playback speed of music. (Premium)
        • FIXED: KitKat fixes (Android 4.4.)
        • FIXED: Clearer album art

        Version 2.6.0

        • NEW: Manage album art by holding down on it
        • NEW: Sort any tab with the new sort button
        • NEW: Android 4.3 AVRCP support
        • FIXED: Many fixes, especially for users with SD cards

        Version 2.5.0

        • NEW: Enhanced playback speed (experimental) (requires premium)
        • FIXED: Fixed issue with ringtones playing instead of songs on some devices

        Version 2.4.0

        • NEW: Delete the currently playing song
        • NEW: Create a dynamic playlists in Rocket Player (Live List) based on your libraries stats
        • NEW: "Up Next" feature to insert songs into the currently playing queue
        • NEW: "Sticky Shuffle" keeps shuffle on until you turn it off
        • NEW: "Go to Artist" and "Go To Album" for the current song
        • NEW: Change the default action for several views to lower the number of clicks for your favorite action
        • FIXED: Fixed disappearing "Now Playing" issue in 2.3.
        • FIXED: iSyncr bookmarks not syncing

        Version 2.3.0

        • NEW: Recently Added, Recently Played and Top 25 playlists
        • NEW: Composer view
        • NEW: Podcast play indicator
        • NEW: Album grouping to group albums just like you like them
        • NEW: Bluetooth connection volume
        • FIXED: Playlist support is more robust



        Version 2.0.3

        • FIXED: Fixed broken rename playlist

        Version 2.0.2

        • FIXED: Fixed several crashes

        Version 2.0.1

        • FIXED: Better memory usage on small screens
        • FIXED: Random crash fixes
        • FIXED: Fixed notification on Gingerbread

        Version 2.0

        • NEW: Personalize Rocket Player with purple and blue downloadable themes
        • NEW: Flip through your tracks faster than ever with new album art gesture support
        • NEW: Shuffle smarter with a new algorithm
        • NEW: Add a playlist to another playlist to save time
        • NEW: Save the Now Playing playlist as a new playlist to keep permanently
        • NEW: Customize your lockscreen with the new lockscreen widget (4.2+)
        • FIXED: Performance improvements
        • FIXED: Fixed disc number tag editing issue
        • FIXED: Folder back button is always visible now
        • FIXED: Better bluetooth detection for a smoother auto start when auto starting with bluetooth connections
        • FIXED: Fixed issues with playing songs from a file browser app

        Version 1.7.2

        • NEW: Edit disc number support
        • FIXED: Fixed stuttering issue on some devices
        • FIXED: Fixed bug with previous track over bluetooth
        • FIXED: Added FAQ and changelog links to the help menu
        • FIXED: Fixed bug with album art not always showing the in now playing bar
        • FIXED: Playing songs from a file browser now opens the full player

        Version 1.7.1

        • FIXED: Fixes landscape album view

        Version 1.7.0

        Version 1.6.1

        • FIXED: Fixes a crash in search support affecting Android 2.1 devices

        Version 1.6.0

        • NEW: Added full search support

        Version 1.5.2

        • FIXED: Fixed volume issues on Motorola Razr M
        • FIXED: Fixed more crashes on Android 4.0.4 devices
        • FIXED: Fixed shuffle repeating songs in some use cases
        • FIXED: Fixed losing song location during device reboot
        • FIXED: Improved launch speed
        • FIXED: Fixed playlist editor losing song position

        Version 1.5.1

        • FIXED: Fixes crashes on some Android 4.0.4 devices

        Version 1.5.0

        • NEW: Support for videos
        • NEW: Sleep Timer
        • NEW: Support for the WavePack audio format
        • NEW: Option to start playing when bluetooth connects to a device
        • NEW: Video play counts when combined with iSyncr
        • NEW: Add/Remove the tabs you want

        Version 1.4.0

        • Updated UI to black theme
        • Bug fixes

        Version 1.3.1

        • Album art bug fixes

        Version 1.3.0

        • Intel (x86) support
        • Tag editing is now implemented
        • Support for more audio formats with premium unlocker: Apple Lossless (alac), APE (ape), Musepack (mpc), Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac), True Audio (tta), Waveform Audio File (wav), and Windows Media Audio Non-Lossless (wma)
        • Fixes genre issues with some devices
        • Better artist/album sorting

        Version 1.2.7

        • Keep Notification - Toggle whether you want to keep Rocket Player in the notification bar or not.
        • Support Volume Controls - Toggle whether to adjust volume on your headset
        • Audio Focus - Settings to determine how Rocket Player reacts when another application interrupts playback

        Version 1.2.6

        • Fixes songs playing slowly on some Samsung phones
        • Fixes widget size issues
        • Removes podcasts from songs tab

        Version 1.2.5

        • Adds Jelly Bean support for advanced features

        Version 1.2.4

        • Adds Replay Gain support to Rocket Player Premium
        • Adds Limiter support to the Rocket Player Premium equalizer
        • Adds "Prefer ID3 artwork" for those having artwork issues

        Version 1.2.3

        • Yet more small bug fixes as we continue work on the next big release
        • Adds new permission "Get Accounts". We use this for our new feature of unlock codes. Follow us on Twitter for your chance to win.

        Version 1.2.2

        • Small bug fixes as we continue work on the next big release

        Version 1.2.1

        • Small bug fixes as we continue work on the next big release

        Version 1.2.0

        • New: Updated icon
        • New: Explicit setting of gapless playback in the premium version
        • New: ICS default lockscreen support
        • New: Auto play on plug in support
        • New: Headset support can be completely turned off

        Version 1.1.2

        • Bug Fix: Widget crashing for some users
        • Bug Fix: Home button no longer bypasses the lock screen if it is on
        • Bug Fix: Volume buttons should not turn the screen on anymore
        • Bug Fix: Users are no longer required to wait on the media scanner to finish (but all of the music may not be present until it does)
        • Bug Fix: Editing of the "Now Playing" playlist works more fluidly

        Version 1.1.1

        • Fixes some issues customers reported via email

        Version 1.1.0

        • Equalizer Support:
        • 5 band EQ for Android 2.3 and later
        • 10 band EQ for premium users
        • Attach presets to songs

        Version 1.0.4

        • New: Pause/Skip using the status notification on Android 4.0 and later
        • New: Gray status notification icon
        • New: Adds in fast forward and rewind by holding down on the buttons
        • New: Turn on/off fading
        • Bug Fix: Live Lists from iSyncr perform better dynamically
        • Bug Fix: Rocket Player can again be used with the "Car Home" app
        • Bug Fix: "Save Battery" mode in the premium version had some issues

        Version 1.0.3

        • Bug Fix: Fixes some crashes

        Version 1.0.2

        • Bug Fix: More responsive

        Version 1.0.1

        • New: Ringtone Support
        • New: Headset Support (read FAQ for more info)
        • Bug Fix: Interference with phone ringtone
        • Bug Fix: Force close on Android 2.1

        Version 1.0.0

        • Everything is new.