Video Transcript
Rocket Player features a free equalizer to customize sound in the application. An equalizer is a device that allows you to change the tone of the music (treble or bass). The numbers on the bottom of the EQ are the frequencies - these numbers represent the frequency at which the sound coming out of the player is altered.

Bass is the lower frequency numbers. If you want to create a heavy bass sound, raise the lower number bands of the EQ.
High Bass
Treble is higher frequency numbers. If you want to create a heavy treble sound, raise the higher number bands of the EQ.
High Treble 
Rocket Player comes with several presets already like jazz, dance and classical. Try these out and find a sound that you like.
If you don't like the presets, custom build your own presets by moving the bands up and down to create a unique listening experience.

Create a preset

Using Rocket Player Premium, enhance your listening experience further by saving your presets. Premium also comes with a wider variety of presets like bass boost, piano and spoken words.

Save preset by pressing the disk
Attach your created presets to a specific song, genre, playlist, artist, album, or podcast.

Set EQ