We are excited today to announce our latest creation, SongLytics. What is SongLytics? SongLytics is our project to keep track of everything we listen to on Android. We love iTunes for its ability to keep our metadata such as play-counts and ratings. However, the music world has changed. Music streaming services from Apple, Google Play Music and Spotify are here to stay. While we passionately love our MP3 collections, we understand that streaming services offer access to millions of tracks. SongLytics is our answer to keeping our metadata across Apple, Google Play Music, Spotify and services yet to be invented.

As some of you may know, JRT Studio's first successful project was iSyncr. What far fewer know is that the 1.0 release to Google Play (formerly Android Market) only synced play-counts and skip-counts back to iTunes. Our customers ate it up, and the emails came flooding in. Could iSyncr sync iTunes music? Could iSyncr sync iTunes playlists? All these became features by listening to our customers. With simply fulfilling customer requests, JRT Studio went where I'd never envisioned it could. Now, we have a suite of Android music apps from making ringtones to viewing lyrics to in our very own music player.

For now, SongLytics is like that first release of iSyncr. It doesn't do too much. Our hope by releasing the first product backend within the next month (March 16'), is that customer-driven requests and features will grow the application to new heights! For those of you out there that want to follow this project, head on over to and check out our blog there. We'll be posting there, so as not to bombard the whole company blog.