After receiving some scattered reports, I finally figured out why some people are saying Rocket Player is unresponsive. The issue I've identified is with Samsung's task killer. If you use the "Close All" button or swipe Rocket Player away on Samsung devices running 6.0.1, I can confirm that Rocket Player may stop responding.

I don't currently have a timeline for a fix, but I'll be devoting most of my time to fixing this issue. However, Android Auto support is in beta and might hold up this fix. Right now, Google keeps flagging my Android Auto support, claiming that voice support does not work. However, it works great for me and they will not disclose how to reproduce the issue they are seeing. I won't be surprised if they reject the full update and continue to refuse to give details on the test they are doing that is failing.

Your best option to get this fix quickly is to join our beta program for Rocket Player.

Update: This Samsung issue is now worked around by the latest beta version. 4.3.38 and later has this fix.