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Video Transcript

Hi, guys. Justin from JRT Studio here. This week I wanted to cover some of Rocket Player’s really cool headset settings. If you only use your phone’s speaker, well, I don’t know you because I think everyone uses a wired headset or a Bluetooth headset to listen to music with the Android device. Rocket Player has several useful settings to automate things and make things better. Let’s go check them out, and I’ll give you a description beyond what you can just read yourself. We’re going to open up the settings, and we’re going to go to “headset, Bluetooth settings.” Okay. So there is “obey headset commands” at the top. This setting is really the master for everything beneath it. You’ll notice that if we go and unclick the setting, everything else just kind of goes blank. Well, because everything else is useless if you don’t want Rocket Player to obey headset commands.

The first section we have here is the wired connections settings, which you can kind of see right up here. The wired connection settings are, again, for plugging in a pair of headphones, so not Bluetooth. The very first one is “begin play on connect.” This one is on by default because we find most users want to use this feature to go ahead and just get something jamming when you plug your headphones in. That annoys some users, so feel free to come in here and turn this off and do whatever you’d like. You can see now that I’ve turned on “begin play on connect” I can hit “wired connect volume.” With this, I can pick a volume that I want Android to be at. There are no numbers or anything here. I use just the max and min of your system volume. If I click “enable,” it’s now enabled. Every time I plug my headset in we’re going to change the volume to this when the headset plugs in.

I also have wired EQ override. There is both a 5 and 10 band version. This version that I have on this phone right now is not unlocked. I definitely only have access to the 5-band EQ, but I can pick heavy metal. Now every time I plug in my wired headset it’s going to jump to about that 75 percent volume I set, and it’s going to immediately turn on the heavy metal EQ for the whole time that the wired headset is plugged in. This is great. I love using this in my car because when I’m in my car I spent some time to try and get the most bass out of my speakers that I can. So I have a preset that I made that’s called “car bass.” Then I always have that one come up when I plug my headset in.

Then there is also “Two Clicks Next.” This setting is if you have a pair of headphones with the single button clicker on it, by default we do pause and play with one click. We go to the beginning of the song with two clicks. We go to the next song with three clicks. Some people say, “Well, I go to the next song more often than the beginning of the current one, so I want that one to be two clicks instead.” That’s what this setting is for. Then we have basically the exact same things for Bluetooth. You can have “begin play on connect” with Bluetooth. You can set a volume and an equalizer just like you can with a wired headset.

The very last thing, the miscellaneous, is support volume controls. This really only applies to wired headsets, but some wired headsets have a “next/previous.” Sometimes that “next/previous” is volume. I don’t really know which you want to do. There is no way for me to detect. So you have this setting down here. If you select “support volume controls,” if you’re using, say, Bluetooth and you have “next/previous,” it’s going to change the volume. It’s not going to do “next/previous.” It’s one of these little quirks that the setting is here just to help you mainly, again, for wired headsets with volume buttons on the wired headsets and a single click where you can click three times or two times if you set the setting to go to the next song. So, yeah, just a little quirk there.