How do I add music to JRT Studio Music Players?
A common misconception about Rocket Player, Music Player for Android and our other music player applications, is they download music. Our apps play music, they don't download it. If we want to download music, we can do this from several reputable sources (see below). If you have music already on your device, you can add it by selecting the directory (folders) in Rocket Player using this tutorial.

Aww, c'mon, I don't want to pay for music. Can you suggest a tool to illegally download music?
We're independent Android developers; we would never offer anything that undercuts another independent creators livelihood. We understand piracy is not a victimless crime - here's more information on this.

Okay, so what about free legal music?
Sure, we're happy to suggest some providers of free content!
  1. Free Music Archive
  2. iTunes to Android with iSyncr Trial
  3. Noise Trade
  4. Amazon Music yes, free! No prime needed!
  6. More sources listed here

What if I want to purchase music on Google Play then play it in Rocket Player?
Our tutorial will walk you through the process of moving music from Google Play to Rocket Player with a computer.

I've downloaded music to my device, but its not displaying in Rocket Player?
Use this tutorial to rescan different folders in Rocket Player.

I have an extensive iTunes library, can I transfer my music to Rocket Player?
We make an application called iSyncr that allows you to sync your iTunes to Android.

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