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Video Transcript

Hi, guys. This week I wanted to show you how you can play or shuffle all of a category. Now, if you’ll notice, as I try and swipe over to albums, you’ll see that there is now a little album symbol in a play and an album symbol in a shuffle. Those are actually going to do different things. If we’re on the albums tab and we click “shuffle by albums” – so I’ll go ahead and do that – then we’re going to start playing, but the play list is going to each album all the way through. So this has really turned out to be one of my favorite ways to listen to music right now is to listen to albums all the way through but, you know, I’m still a shuffle guy. I like things to be shuffled. You can use this, though, on pretty much all of the categories. You can play all or shuffle all artists instead for albums or songs. We kind of have the play list thing for play lists, which is an interesting one. You can shuffle all play lists. We have the same for folders and for podcasts, which I don’t have any, and even genres. You could play all genres, which is really – I don’t know who likes to do that, but you can start with your genres and go in however they’re sorted, and you can also shuffle your genres, which is a little cooler, especially if your genres aren’t 10 hours of music. So this is just a tip that I wanted to show you guys. Hopefully, this helps you customize your listening experience. So thanks for using Rocket Player, and feel free to subscribe on YouTube. I’m going to try to do better at making these videos to just help you get the most out of using the player.