Just like in the past, the Amazon Appstore is having some internal issues and isn't allowing anyone to download Rocket Player. We don't know or understand why, and Amazon hasn't responded to any of our support requests over this memorial day weekend. Unfortunately, we cannot make them do anything and can only sit and wait on a resolution.

For those interested, here is what Amazon shows us for Rocket Player device support. We are aware that a few old phones and Kindle's are not supported, but everything else should be.

Update: 5/30/18 - Amazon finally got back to us with a response, and it seems to be a canned response saying some apps get restricted. Nothing in the Amazon Dev Console UI says the app is restricted, nor does the submission accepted email. We've asked for more information.

Update: 6/02/18 - Amazon didn't say why Rocket Player isn't showing in the store, despite saying it is live. However, Amazon noted that Rocket Player failed one test, which I was aware of. I fixed that test and re-submitted, and it appears Rocket Player is available again.