In iSyncr WiFi 1.4.1, we introduced the ability for Tasker to launch an iSyncr WiFi sync.  Why did we go through this trouble?  Because you can do some pretty powerful things with it!  iSyncr WiFi is great if you want to sync on a schedule, but what if you want to sync every time you get home?  What if you want to sync every time you plug your device into its power cable?  Then this is the feature you've been wanting.

Let's try and use this new feature.  We are going to setup Tasker to start a sync when we connect to our home network.  That way, after you leave your house and go to work, the gym, the grocery store, walk the dog, whatever, the tunes you were rocking out to get updated in iTunes.

 1.)  Purchase Tasker ( has a trial version)
2.)  Launch Tasker
3.)  Press the "New" button to add a new profile
4.)  Give the new profile a new (if you want to)
 5.)  Select "State" as the first connect, since we are wanting when WiFi connects, which is a state change
 6.)  Now select Wifi Connected, since that is the event we want to trigger a sync
 7.)  Enter in your home network SSID.  This appears to be case sensitive, so make sure you have the capitalization correct
8.)  Press Done.  We now have the event set up, we just need a "Task" aka, something to do when the even happens
 9.)  Press "New Task"
 10.)  Press the "+" to configure our new action
 11.)  Press "Misc" so that we can configure a custom event.
 12.)  We are going to configure an "Action Intent" to fire off iSyncr WiFi
 13.)  In the action box, type "com.jrtstudio.iSyncr.WiFi.Sync".  This will launch a WiFi sync.
14.)  Change the Target to "Service" as shown
15.)  Press "Done", as we've configured out "Action Intent" task.
 16.)  Now you can press "Test" and wait a second.  You should see a notification that a sync has started.
17.)  Now press "Done" and "Apply" and go do something fun outside.  When you come home and your device reconnects to your home network, Tasker will launch an iSyncr WiFi sync and keep your device up to date!