Although Justin and I were busy jamming out to at Austin City Limits this past weekend, we still found the time to crank out a new release of Rocket Player 1.2.7!

Feature 1: Audio Focus
(First requested by: Anonymous user who Rocks!)

New in "Audio Settings" is a feature called "Audio Focus" that allows users to select how Rocket Player operates when another application is attempting to take audio focus from Rocket Player. Settings like "Pause on Phone Call," and "Pause on Focus Lost" allows users to automatically pause Rocket Player when a phone call comes in or another application takes control of the audio focus.

You can also adjust how Rocket Player performs when notifications from other applications come in. Toggle the setting "Ignore Other Apps" to allow Rocket Player to play regardless of other applications notifications. Additionally, the "Temp Focus" setting will allow you to "Duck" or "Pause" the player when important notifications come in like an email, text, or a message from a navigation app.

Feature 2: Keep Notification
(First requested by: hansen.wong and alex.a.vasilescu)

We decided to give you the option of allowing Rocket Player notifications to be toggled on or off. Toggle this setting "off" and you can now pause and exit Rocket Player. Toggle the setting "on" to keep Rocket Player active even if paused and press the power button on the notification to exit from the player.

Feature 3: Support Volume Controls 
(First requested by: clintonf) 

This feature is designed specifically those who were struggling to change the volume using their headsets. Previously pressing the volume up/down on your headset would act the same as a button press (Pause/Pause, Next, Previous), now these volume controls can be used as they were intended, to change the volume!

Feature 4: Translation

Our final addition to 1.2.7 was translation work done by Rotem Maya! Rotem went to work translating Rocket Player into Hebrew for us and was a great help. You can help us by translating Rocket Player into your own language at

Improving customer experience is vitally important to what we do here at JRT Studio. Please contact us at [email protected] with your thoughts and opinions on the update.

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