Our latest update of iSyncr Desktop for PCs builds on iSyncr's existing ability to sync playlists by allowing users to sync by artists, albums, genres, or podcasts. While other music syncing applications require WiFi or even a whole other music manager application, light weight iSyncr syncs your music/videos to your Android device over USB or WiFi without all the restrictions and bloat. This latest version just makes it that much simpler.

While iSyncr Desktop is required for Android 3.0 and later, it is not required for older versions of Android because they come with all the software users need. However, if you are an Android 2.3 or earlier device user don't be afraid to try out iSyncr Desktop to take advantage of this new feature. iSyncr Desktop is built to support all versions of Android 1.5 and later.

As always, we want to hear from you! Features like this are driven by your feedback. Just email us with any thoughts you have.