It's not quite turkey time, but we are very thankful for all of our beta testers! 

Some of the testers of iSyncr 4.0 were:

  • Karl von Muller
  • Justin Williams
  • Mark Derricutt
  • Dan McMillian
  • Otto Kottler
  • Joshua Lee
  • James Dawson
  • David McDanal
  • Andrew Young
  • Brian Hartsfield
  • Ryan Marx
  • John Gardner
  • Noah Stahl
  • Clinton Fernandes
  • Augusto Paes de Barros
  • Dirk Melchers
  • Jim Barrington
  • Dayvid Jones

and many more.

Thanks to these beta testers and their feedback, we were able to smoothly rollout iSyncr 4.0 and release a hot fix iSyncr 4.0.1 in one day, fixing manual connections and faster WiFi performance.

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