I get this question a lot. Where is the exit button? The app is totally hogging all of my resources. My phone will be so much faster with a quit button.

These comments are misguided. Android is not Windows. It isn't even Linux in this regard. Android handles loading and unloading apps on its own. Apps have a maximum heap size and cannot grow beyond a set threshold. Hitting the back button until you are out of an app is the "best" way to close it and have it release any resources. There is nothing wrong with your Android device's RAM almost being full. RAM usage does not equal battery usage. In fact, removing Rocket Player from memory takes more battery power than just leaving it hanging out there.

What happens when I hit pause and back out of Rocket Player?
After two minutes of inactivity, Rocket Player will shut down its main audio service and release any system resources it might have been holding. Rocket Player as an application will remain in inert in memory until the OS removes it because it needs the space. This is a GOOD thing. Rocket Player will load faster the next time if it didn't need to be unloaded for something else.

What is the "TinyHeadsetService"?
If you have "Settings->Operation->Headset Settings->Begin Play On Connect" set, then Rocket Player will always have a "TinyHeadsetService" running to listen for headphones being plugged in. This takes no juice from your phone and Android will still remove this service from memory if something more important needs the RAM. If you want to disable this, untoggle "Begin Play on Connect" and reboot your device.

Some other music application has an exit button. Rocket Player should too!
Not so. Just because someone else refuses to respect the Android Operating System doesn't mean I should too. If you want the behavior of Rocket Player to change due to an exit button, that is different. Email us at [email protected] and let's talk about what you want and why. An exit button isn't really what you want, but maybe we can figure out what change in behavior you'd like

For a more gory details about Android's lack of an exit button, please see goo.gl/wEYH0.