If you have recently upgraded your Mac to Catalina, you have probably noticed that iTunes is nowhere to be found. Apple has replaced iTunes with the Music and Podcast apps. These brand new apps have definitely created a bit more difficulty with iSyncr, but the good news is that we have already released an update to work with the new Music app. Here are some of the details for syncing on Catalina.

Music App

We have a special version of iSyncr Desktop specifically for Catalina users. So you will want to click on the iSyncr Desktop icon in your menu bar and select Check for Update. You may need to do this twice in order to get to version 6.0.3+. Additionally, we have rolled support for the new Music app into our dark themed version of iSyncr.

If you are a current white themed user and plan to move to the new version of Mac OS, you will need to upgrade to the dark themed version of iSyncr.

Podcast App

We are still waiting on more details about the new Podcast app for Mac OS. We are hopeful we can support it but as of now, there is no interface into the Podcasts app like there is with the Music app. But we are keeping our fingers crossed that an interface will be in an upcoming release. For now, if you use iSyncr to sync podcasts, I would recommend waiting to upgrade your Mac to Catalina.

In the meantime, never hesitate to email me if you have questions or concerns.

Thanks for being iSyncr supporters!