Introducing a new music player from JRT Studio, Fuel Music Player! This new music player has a fresh design and speedy responsiveness, yet also has an awesome custom audio engine on the backend, attempting to marry the two. Check it out on the Play Store and see what you think!

At this point, Fuel Music Player is what we’d call high-quality beta software. Tons of features are missing, planned and on the way, so if you give it a try, we’d love to hear your feedback as we continue to improve the app going forward.

I hear you saying, what about Rocket Player?!? Well, Rocket Player isn’t going anywhere. It isn’t dead and still has features that are not available in Fuel Music Player. We love music players and our nine years of experience developing on Android tells us there is no “best” designed player. As such, we plan to continue to develop both, cross-pollinating features when it makes sense, but they are different players with different feels. You are free to love one more than the other, or love both the same!

As always, our apps have feedback buttons, feel free to use them! We’d love to hear from you.