Updated 1/4/13 with our latest information.

Hi All,

My Samsung Galaxy S3 has been updated to Jelly Bean. Obviously, I went straight to testing our apps with this update. While I immediately saw that our awesome big notification for Rocket Player works, I've run into some issues with MTP.

Every time I attempt to use MTP to transfer files with iSyncr, Samsung's MTP application force closes. I see this force close when using my phone with Windows or Mac. Once I click "OK" on the force close, I won't be bothered with another force close, but Samsung's MTP isn't working.

Here are the facts we have as of 1/4/2013.

  • Samsung's MTP application is crashing, if you've ever used iSyncr's Live Lists.
  • iSyncr 4.0.4 will work around this issue. Just update to 4.0.4 then reboot your Samsung device and Samsung's MTP application should stop crashing.

Email me ([email protected]) if iSyncr 4.0.4 does not fix the issue.