iSyncr Desktop has no known virus' at this time. However, Norton products are falsely identifying it as having a virus. This should be resolved with the next Norton virus definition update. For some customers, Norton Anti-virus 360 flagged iSyncr as a threat to their PC when trying to download iSyncr Desktop. Immediately we took action by contacting Norton. If anyone continues to receive this threat after updating to the latest version of Norton, or any other anti-virus warning please contact us.
Special thanks to Ben Davies who reported this.

Update 7/28/15:

iSyncr Desktop continues to receive false-positives from anti-virus software inaccurately warning customers not to download iSyncr Desktop. iSyncr Desktop has no known virus' or issues with malware. If you receive one of these messages, please contact us immediately so that we may speak with your anti-virus company.