Samsung devices running Android 6.0 have a new feature that we've noticed is causing problems with recording play counts using iSyncr. The feature is called app power saving and is useful for performing the task you'd expect, saving power.

The problem is by default, apps that haven't been used (manually opened) in the last three days will be placed into a sleep state. Apps in this power saving state may be unable to provide notifications, which is important for iSyncr. iSyncr needs notifications to be able to record play counts. This sleep state will cause problems creating play counts with iSyncr, it's recommend that you disable the feature for iSyncr. You can leave it on for other applications if you'd like.

Go to: Settings - Battery - App power saving (tap on DETAIL).

From there, you can look for iSyncr and other apps that are set to save power.

Disable the feature by selecting iSyncr, then choosing "Turned off/Disabled"