We are pleased to announce that we just released the newest version of the iSyncr WiFi app for Android today, version 1.4.2, with several new features.

Custom Amazon MP3 Upload Folder

The biggest new feature we added in this release is the ability to specify the sync folder for uploading Amazon MP3s. Previously, users were stuck using the "amazonmp3" directory on the root of their SD card or internal phone storage. So we just added a new setting that lets users customize the upload folder path.

Simply tap the "Amazon Sync Folder" option in the Settings page to change the upload directory.

By default, the upload folder is set to "amazonmp3" at the base of your SD card and/or internal phone storage. But you can change it to anything you want.

Also note that the path is allowed to contain subdirectories if you add slashes here, for example "/mp3s/upload". But keep in mind that this path is not absolute; it's relative to the base of your storage. So "/mp3s/upload" would actually mean "/mnt/sdcard/mp3s/upload" if your SD card's root file path is at "/mnt/sdcard".

One other good change that goes along with this is that it's no longer necessary for your MP3s to be in the same file/folder structure as Amazon MP3s. Before, each track had to be located on disk in the format ArtistName/AlbumName/SongName.mp3. Now, we simply search all subdirectories of the Amazon MP3 Sync Folder for tracks to upload.

Lastly, I want to mention that even though this feature is called "Upload Amazon MP3s", we also reverse-sync AAC tracks (with the .m4a extension).

Last Sync Status

Another new feature in this release is called the "Last Sync Status". It's fairly self-explanatory: The main screen will now display whether or not the last sync succeeded, and when it occurred:

Other Changes

Other miscellaneous changes in this release:

  • Now backs up photos imported onto a Honeycomb tablet from your camera
  • Lowered the number of notifications on Honeycomb tablets
  • Added support for reverse-syncing .m4v videos to your computer
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes