Today we released a new version of iSyncr WiFi, version 1.4.3. This is mainly a maintenance release, with the following additions:

Fix for Droid Eris

The Eris has some brand new file paths for internal / external storage, so we had to add these file paths for the app to detect drives properly.

Evo 3D picture support

The Evo 3D can take 3D photos, which are stored as .mpo files. These files are now scanned by iSyncr WiFi when uploading photos to your computer.

Better detection of metadata changes in songs

This one's a bit tricky to explain, but I'll try. Let's say you sync a playlist to your Android, and then later change the genre of some of your songs to a different genre. Before this change, iSyncr WiFi would compare the songs already on your Android to the ones on your computer by looking at the file sizes, album, artist, and song name. If something else changes in the song metadata, such as the genre, iSyncr WiFi wouldn't know about it and wouldn't re-sync these songs. So in order to sync and pick up these genre changes, you'd have to delete the songs from your Android and then re-sync them.

Obviously this is not ideal, so we added some code to detect when the "last modified date" of the songs on your computer are later than the last modified date of the songs on your Android. If so, they should be re-synced because they have been changed since the last sync.