iSyncr for photo/video syncing 

If you have been following our blog you know that several weeks ago Justin and I attended ACL here in Austin, TX. This was a great experience for JRT Studio as we got to be around music lovers and listen to some talented musicians! This was one of the reasons that JRT Studio relocated to Austin, several months ago.

These photos and video are now stored in multiple locations

After the music festival was over, we were left with videos, pictures and sore muscles! Once our soreness subsided, we wanted to post our photo's and video's on our favorite social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for our friends and family to view to keep track of what is happening in our lives and to keep these memories safe on our home computers.

 How did we do it? 

It's a little known fact that WiFi allows you to quickly and easily sync photo's and video's taken on your Android device to your computer.  Simply by toggling a setting in "Reverse Policies" called "Upload New Photos" you can bring those memories into your own virtual photo album or store them on your computer. It does not get any simpler! 

Synchronize iTunes to Android

Sync your memories captured on Android to your PC or Mac with iSyncr.

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