License files that are invalid are most often because iSyncr Desktop is not able to recognize the license file and verify it. If you have tried to delete the license file and tried to recreate it take a look at the following information.

What causes a license file to be invalid?

  • Not connecting in device's proper storage mode
  • Not able to see the license file when connected in MTP
  • Personal encryption turned on for the device

Connecting in proper storage mode For ICS, JB and future device's that connect in MTP - try connecting in "USB Debugging" mode so that the device can be recognized. Try going to "Settings > Developer Settings > USB Debugging" or similar on your device.

Not able to see the license file when connected If our license file is not able to be seen in MTP mode when we are connected to a PC/Mac - we are not in the correct storage mode. Try making a USB Debugging connection (above). If using a Mac, verify that you can view the license file through the Android File Transfer application.

Personal encryption turned on (Mainly Motorola devices) Personal encryption may be turned on for your device causing the license to be unable to be verified. Turn off personal encryption by going to "Settings > Security > Personal encryption."