iSyncr is able to delete previously synced selections from your Android device over USB and WiFi. The process for deleting over USB and WiFi is different, but easy to do. One thing to note before starting this tutorial is that syncing over USB will not "Remember Selected Playlists" in WiFi. Also WiFi will not "Remember Selected Playlists" over USB. If you plan on syncing over both WiFi and USB, please review the Remember Selected Playlists tutorial.

Deleting when USB syncing

To delete when syncing over USB, open iSyncr Desktop then check "Remove music not in these lists".

Uncheck what you'd like to be removed then "sync".

iSyncr will then remove songs within playlists that are unchecked from your device. A display of what is being removed will be shown. You can also view your sync last information from iSyncr.log file on your PC. This can be found in My Documents under the JRT Studio folder.

You will notice that iSyncr is syncing previously checked items as well, this is to check if an update was made to the checked item in iTunes.

Deleting when WiFi syncing

To delete when syncing over WiFi, choose your playlists that you'd like to sync, then select 'delete unselected' check box at the bottom.

Any playlist and the songs within the playlist that are not selected over WiFi will be removed when we sync.

FAQ on deleting songs

If I delete a song in iTunes, does iSyncr delete the song on Android?
iSyncr performs a check of your playlist to see if any songs has been removed from it. If it detects that a song has been removed and you've selected "Remove from these playlists" the song will be removed.

What about my unselected playlists are the m3u playlist files removed also?
Yes, the m3u playlist file should also be removed when we delete using iSyncr.

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