iSyncr for PC is an application that will help you sync songs from iTunes (on your Windows computer) to your Android device. This tutorial will help you get started.

  • iSyncr for PC (or Trial) app installed on your Android from Google Play or Amazon Appstore
  • Windows PC (Mac users click here )
  • Android OS 2.3 or earlier (If you do not know your OS, select Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Information, or similar)
  • USB Cable that came with device

Please note, Android tablets and Android devices running Android 3.0 and later will need to use the following tutorial .

1.) Download iSyncr for PC from the Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

2.) Open iSyncr for PC on your Android device after it is installed.
3.) Select where you would like to install iSyncr. If iSyncr detects more then one storage area, you'll have the option to select "Both". If your device has only internal memory or only SD card memory, iSyncr will show "USB Storage". Note that if you add an SD card at a later date, you will want to press the "Installation" button on the main screen and re-run this setup process.
4.) After installing, you get a message about ejecting your storage before unplugging the device. This is just a friendly reminder to hit the "Eject" button on your PC before unplugging your Android device. It is easy to forget.

5.) Now iSyncr will have you walk through a full tutorial on the device. Note that you can view this tutorial at any time by going "Help->Tutorial".
6.) Now it is time to take a USB cable (one probably came with your device) and connect it to your PC.

7.) Using the instructions from the tutorial on your device, get the device's storage areas to show up in "My Computer" as a removable drive (Mass Storage mode). Note that some devices will need USB drivers in order for Windows to load the device as a removable drive.
8.) Open the drive in My Computer.

9.) Run iSyncr.
10.) Select some playlists and press "Sync"!

11.) When finished, close iSyncr, press eject and unplug your device

12.) Your music and playlists should be available on your Android device in a couple of minutes.