ID3 tags are embedded in your Mp3 files. ID3 tags are not an official specification of the format. (Definition from Apple support) The definition we like better reads something like: ID3 tags allow information such as the title, artist, album, track number, and other information about the file.

What does this mean for Rocket Player and other Android Players?
The ID3 tag is where your song information is displayed. If your information is not displayed, chances are you are using an ID3 tag that is not supported by Android.

How do I find my ID3 Tag? 

Your ID3 tag can be found by first going into iTunes, then selecting a specific song. From here, right click the selected song and select "Get Info".After you have opened this, a dialog box displaying the information will appear. View the "Summary" page, which is the first tab available. Find "ID3 Tag" in the track. We can see in this example that "Down & Out" by Kid Cudi is a tag that is v2.2.

What version of ID3 tags do I need to have? 
For your tags to be correct on an Android device we need to have v.2.3 or earlier.

My tag is 2.4 or greater, I need to change it!
To change ID3 tags, right click in iTunes on the song that you need to change and select "Convert ID3 Tags".