WIFI tutorial - iSyncr iTunes to Android app
1 Download iSyncr Android App from  Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

iSyncr music app tutorial

2 Download and install iSyncr Desktop on your PC or Mac. Once installed, you will not see a normal application window but iSyncr will create an S icon on your system tray or menu bar.

3 Configure your PC or Mac firewall to allow iSyncr Desktop to connect with iSyncr.

Mac Firewall Guide
PC Firewall Guide

iSyncr WIFI - iTunes to Android app
4On Android, select WiFi.

iSyncr music transfer app tutorial
5 Select Your iSyncr Desktop. Make sure that iSyncr Desktop is running on your computer and that it's allowed through your PC's Firewall or your Mac's Firewall.

iSyncr help - iTunes to Android
6 Select Playlists and press sync to start syncing iTunes to Android. Syncing a playlist will sync the playlist file and song(s) within the playlist(s) in iTunes.

Move playlists from iTunes to Android with iSyncr
7 View Results

Send music from iTunes to Android - iSyncr help
8 Use Any Music Player! After the sync has finished, play your music player. We recommend Rocket Music Player for advanced iTunes/music player integration!

Stuck somewhere the tutorial?

iSyncr is also able to sync over USB if you're stuck syncing over WiFi.
To resolve WiFi issues contact us and mention what step you're stuck at (6,7,8 etc.) so we can help.