Live List
  • What is a Live List? Creating a playlist on your computer and syncing it takes time. Scrolling through lots of artist on a device also takes time. With Live Lists, you can build a playlist that contains artists, albums, or all your five star music in seconds, no matter where you are at.

  • Why the name Live Lists? Because they are living! As your music and music stats change, so do you playlists! Make a playlist of most recently played music, and that song you just listened to will magically show up in the playlist right after you listen to it.

  • How do I build a Live List? Just launch iSyncr on your device and press "Live Lists". From here you can either edit existing Live Lists, or create a new one.

  • What is a rule? The basic component of a Live List is a rule. When you create a Live List, the first thing you do is create a set of rules. For instance, if I make the rule "Artist" "Contains" "Black", then my playlist will automatically update to include both the "Black Eyed Peas", "The Black Crowes" and "The Blackouts" if those songs are on my device.

  • What does limit by mean? When building a Live List, the default maximum number of songs is 1000. Let's say our rules produced 2000 results. Which 1000 songs do we want in our playlist? That is where limit by comes in. You can limit by things such as recently added, highest rating, most recently played, etc.

  • What does it mean for a rule to be required? If a rule is required, then for a song to be included in the playlist, the rule must be true. For instance, let's say I have three rules, one is "Artist" "Contains" "Bad", two is "Artist" "Is" "DQB", three is "Is Podcast" "Yes". If none of the three rules are required, then I will have both all podcasts and all artists containing the word "Bad" and all songs by DQB. If the podcast rule is required, I will only have podcasts whose artist contains bad or are by DQB. If the "Artist" "Is" "DQB" rule is made to be required, only podcasts by DQB will be shown. If both artist rules are made required, they will conflict and there will be no songs in the playlist.

  • I created a Live List, but nothing shows up. Why? If a Live List is not showing up, the most likely cause is that the set of rules produced no results.

  • Why is my player playing songs that shouldn't be in the playlist? Most music players were not designed to support something as cool as Live Lists, except for Rocket Player. At this time, you will have to restart playing music in the playlist in order for it to update. Please let your favorite music player author know you want them to support dynamically updating playlists!

  • I deleted my Live List, but it is still showing up in my player? This could be because the media database needs to be rescanned. Try rescanning the media database by using an app like SDRescan or refreshing the media database using this link here