• How do I attach an iSyncr ratings widget To attach a widget, long press on your device's home screen then select the option for Widget. After placing the iSyncr ratings widet (not the auto-sync widget) on your homescreen, you'll be prompted to select a player to control where you can choose a music player (e.g. Google Music).

  • What is a widget? Most likely you already have some and are using them already. They are the interactive applications on your home screen.

  • What does the widget look like? The ratings widget comes in several sizes (1x4, 2x4 & 4x4). Here is a sample of the largest size.

  • What is iSyncr’s widget called? Music Ratings

  • What players are supported? Most stock Android players, JRT Studio's own Rocket Player, Cubed, Meridian, MixZing, Music PlayerPro, PowerAMP, Winamp. You will see all of the detected supported players when you add the widget. Proper operation may involve more configuration. Read the iSyncr FAQ for more information on configuring play-counts for different players.

  • Is WinAmp Supported? Yes, WinAmp is now supported, but you have to install last.fm first and remember to turn on play-count syncing.

  • I want ratings inside a player, not with a widget. Good news! You now have two options. One is to use the free music player from JRT Studio, Rocket Player or use iSyncr together with the PlayerPro. Both of these players will even have ratings on the lock screen. Rocket Player requires zero configuration to work, and here is a tutorial for PlayerPro

  • How can I control PowerAMP with iSyncr's ratings widget? First, we need to enable scrobbling in PowerAMP, to do this, go to: Settings - Misc - Scrobble via Simple Last.fm, Scrobble via Scrobble Droid (check both). Once this is complete, back into the settings and select Heaset Bluetooth - Respond to Buttons. Note: You can also turn off "Beep" for the widget controls here, this is enabled by default.

  • My widget is missing? It could be that the application is installed to the SD card and not the internal memory. This will not allow the widget to be displayed. To resolve this select Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > iSyncr then select move to internal. Then try attaching the widget again.