Customers running 360 Total Security on their PC have reported after initially installing iSyncr Desktop, 360 Total Security will flag iSyncr Desktop as untrustworthy malware. After numerous reports and attempts to contact 360 Total Security about this issue, we're writing this blog post to clear up malware concerns for our customers.

Security and privacy is a top priority for us, so we launched an investigation of iSyncr Desktop on our own. What we found was that iSyncr Desktop is still virus/malware free. Making this report by 360 Total Security a false-positive. While this is not uncommon to happen every once in a while, antivirus companies know this. They will allow you to request an examination explaining the issue and white-listing the application upon their review. We have walked through this process with 360 Total Security with no response from their side.

You don't have to take our word for it. You can scan iSyncr Desktop with with Virus Total as recommended by How to Geek. The report states that 54/55 Virus scanners including McAfee, Avast, Microsoft and more display a malware/virus-free status for iSyncr Desktop.

If you still have concerns, please reach out to us and we will send checksums at your request.