Starting with iTunes 12 you can now rate both songs and albums in iTunes.

Now if you rate an album, but not its songs, all the songs of the album get light gray stars. Unfortunately this "feature" cannot be turned off. You can read more about the frustration iTunes customers are feeling. Imagine the live list playlist carnage! Ratings are created for songs that were previously unrated! Worse than that any rating that's added to a song appropriates through to the entire album! Take a look at the image below to see more about what we mean.

Fear not friends! We have been hard at work in the sunny JRT studio office have devised a solution. Starting in iSyncr Desktop 5.1.6 . Album ratings will be ignored when we sync iTunes to Android. Your song ratings will continue to work as they have in iTunes 11 and prior so you can maintain ratings in iSyncr, Rocket Player or any music player with iSyncr's ratings widget.