Where is a step by step tutorial for using iSyncr?
Here it is.

How can I make iSyncr remember the last playlists I synced?
Next time you sync, press Options->Remember Selected Playlists.

How do I remove music? How do I remove playlists?
Just select "Remove Music Not In These Playlists". This will remove all music and playlists that iSyncr put on your device that is not in your current selection to sync.

When I select "Remove Music Not In These Playlists", my custom ringtones go away. Is there a way to keep that from happening?
Yes! Move any music iSyncr syncs outside the “syncr” directory. iSyncr does not scan your SD card looking for MP3 files, only the “syncr” directory.

Can iSyncr sync to my internal memory and SD card memory?
Yes. Syncing to the Internal memory and SD card memory is different depending on your version of Android. On Gingerbread (2.3) and earlier devices, it will show you both the internal and SD card memory as install options. On 3.0 and later devices, using the desktop server allows access to internal and SD memory. We recommend using only the Internal or SD card memory only to avoid creating duplicates on your device. Here's a tutorial on syncing to the SD card.

I get the message, "Wrong Storage Mode!" when I try to sync?
The correct storage mode for your device to be in when syncing is USB "Mass Storage Mode." This is not always labeled as plainly when connecting. Consult your user manual, or contact us for help at [email protected].

I am having problems with album compilations showing up in my music player correctly. Can you explain what I need to do to get all of those songs to show up in the same album?
To get your compilations all show up together, you have to make all of the songs have the same "Album Artist" tag in iTunes. To make them the same, do the following.
1.) Open iTunes
2.) Select all of the songs that are in the same album
3.) Right-click one of the songs and select "Get Info"
4.) Edit the Album Artist field to be "Various Artists" or whatever you like
5.) Run iSyncr on your computer
6.) Select a playlist that does not have your album
7.) Select "Remove Music Not In These Playlists"
8.) Press Sync
9.) Now select a playlist that has your album and press sync
10.) Your songs should now be organized like you like them

I'm seeing the error message "iSyncr license missing" How do I resolve this?
To recreate your license file, go into the iSyncr application and select from the overhead menu (3 dots top right) or from your device's "menu" button, press "Installation". This will re-create your license file. Install the license file before connecting your device to your computer.

I'm seeing the error message "iSyncr license Invalid" How do I resolve this?
Contact iSyncr@JRTStudio with device name, Android OS as well as version of iSyncr (PC or Mac) and you will be assisted.

I just purchased the full version of iSyncr but I keep seeing the error, "A maximum of 100 songs per list are copied when using iSyncr Trial".
We can resolve this issue by going into the "syncr" folder on your device using an application like ES File Explorer and deleting the "litelicense" file.