About Page About JRT Studio
  • Founded by Justin Tipton (@Tiptopdrop) in 2009
  • Independent Android development focused on innovative music applications
  • Located in Austin, TX
  • The JRT Studio story:


    Justin Richard Tipton (JRT): I'm one of the lucky people who get to do their dream job. After several years of coding for a big software company, I jumped on the Android bandwagon when the Nexus One was released. The thought of a much lower priced phone that could still sync play counts with iTunes was enough to drive me to create iSyncr, the first Android app to sync with iTunes.

    I didn't know if anyone would buy it, so I put it out on the Android Market (Pre-Play Store). A few months later, and many sleepless nights, I submitted my resignation and started work for JRT Studio full time. Was it scary? Heck yeah! Do I regret it? No way! This is still a job, but how lucky am I that I get to wake up everyday and do something I love?
    "Honestly, we're not sure it gets much simpler than this if you use iTunes, (iSyncr) is a must-have." - Whitson Gordon, Lifehacker

    "Rocket Player's Android interface is top notch. . . clean, minimal, and efficient . . . all of that while maintaining a polished feel" - Joel Lee, MakeUseOf

    (Customer Support/CRM/Analytics)

    Chris Brown: I joined Justin in 2012 after working several years in logistics and marketing. What I enjoy most about working at JRT Studio is our commitment to improve our customer experience through the time tested skill of listening to our critics and supporters. Listening to our supporters experiences enables us to make the best possible listening experience on Android.

    Many app developers that are contacted won't even respond to customers, let alone try and fix the issues they are having. It's refreshing to be apart of a team that does! To be able to help people on a daily basis; guiding iSyncr customers through syncing playcounts to their device or removing duplicates in Rocket Player, is very gratifying.

    Listening to our supporters experiences enables us to make the best possible listening experience on Android. - Chris Brown, Head of Support

    Solid app, amazing support . . I had a few questions and one weird issue with my first phone and reached out for help. I got a reply immediately and it solved everything. These guys are what every Android Dev should aspire too. . . - Wes Reid, iSyncr for PC, November 2013

    Winston is the JRT Studio mascot. Born in the early 00's. A lover of food, hands, and slobber. Winston works hard to bring positive vibes to the lab and continues to improve his begging ability.

    JRT Studio LLC
    5501-A Balcones Dr #167
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    Hours: 7 day/week email support