Version 4.5

  • New: Released Cloud features to backup play counts & ratings
  • Fix: Multiple hangs that occur with slow networks

  • Version 4.4

    • New: Beta support for backing up your ratings and play-counts to the cloud

    Version 4.3

    • New: Android Auto support
    • New: Improved Android Wear support
    • New: Double tap forward or back buttons to skip 30 seconds when listening to a podcast
    • New: Option to filter duplicates from being added to a playlist
    • Fixes a possible battery issue fix
    • Fixes some crashes on MP4 files
    • Fixes editing MP4 file on 5.0+ SD cards
    • Fixes using the "X" button to close Rocket Player from a notification
    • Fixes some scanning folder selection issues

    Version 4.2

    • New: Android 7.0 (Nougat) support
    • New: Audio engine updates
    • New: Marshmallow permission support

    Version 4.1

    • New: Add duplicate prevention dialog for adding songs to playlists
    • New: Re-add launch player operational settings
    • Fixed: 4.0 has several performance issues that 4.1 fixes

    Version 4.0

    • New: The default theme is changed to be a color shifting theme based on the artwork of the song you are playing
    • New: Player view now slides up from the bottom
    • New: Multi-select (Batch) mode for playlists!
    • New: Android wear support setting in “Operations” (May disrupt bluetooth info on 5.0+ devices)
    • New: Force the app language to be English
    • New: Cloud features require and expansion app so we can update/fix cloud issues seperately from the Rocket Player application
    • Fixed: Several storage access issues in Android 5.0+

    Version 3.4.1

    • New: Get Info screen for songs
    • New: Ability to turn off lockscreen art on Lollipop via new setting
    • New: Scrolling text in player view
    • New: New: Android wear support setting in “Operations” (May disrupt bluetooth info on 5.0+ devices)
    • Fixed: Battery drain when using Bluetooth
    • Fixed ( Edit tags on Android 6.0

    Version 3.4.0

    • NEW: Support for Lyrics for Android
    • Fixed: Album Art downloading

    • Version 3.3.2

      • NEW: Support for new Wood Theme
      • NEW: Support for new HD Theme
      • NEW: Album artist tag editing
      • NEW: Ability to have only the small notification
      • Fixed : Many bugs from 3.3.1.

      Version 3.3.1

      • NEW: Tag editing/deleting on Android 5.0
      • Fixed: Many bug fixes from 3.3.0
      • Fixed:Thank you Klint for the updated French translation
      • March 17, 2015

      Version 3.3.0

      • NEW: Default material blue theme
      • NEW: Opus support
      • NEW: 13 new themes
      • NEW: Theme switcher
      • NEW: Artist pictures for cloud subscribers
      • NEW: Show art in the song tab
      • NEW: Better memory management
      • NEW: Feature to block car Bluetooth stereos from auto starting music playback
      • NEW: Live List support for playlist shortcuts
      • NEW: Folder browser now supports the back button
      • March 1, 2015


      • NEW: Live List support for Playlist Shortcuts
      • FIXED: Album art issues with media store
      • FIXED: Skip unplayable songs more gracefully
      • FIXED: Lollipop stuttering issue
      • FIXED: Bluetooth disconnect still resumes song
      • FIXED: Duration not changing
      • FIXED: Keep notification option actually works now
      • FIXED: Widget sizing issues
      • FIXED: Faster scans, unless they are manually started.

      Version 3.2.0

      • NEW: Album artist tab
      • NEW: Headset high priority setting
      • NEW: Chromecast is turned off by default to save resources.
      • FIXED: Random headset issues
      • FIXED: Random crash while playing music
      • FIXED: Sorting with some accented characters
      • FIXED: Chromecast issues on Samsung Note 3

      Version 3.1.0

      • NEW: Resource settings
      • FIXED: Keep notification on causing Rocket Player to appear in notification bar randomly

      Version 3.0.0

      • NEW: Bass Booster
      • NEW: Updated look
      • NEW: Fresh icon
      • NEW: View as songs in artists/genre/composer pages
      • NEW: Tabs settings for more customization

      Version 2.8.3

      • NEW: Live list ranges
      • NEW: Stop after each song ability
      • NEW: Playlist shortcuts
      • NEW: Full view for album/artists

      Version 2.8.2

      • NEW: Delete files on KitKat SD cards (uses a hack that might go away)
      • FIXED: Chromecast not starting properly
      • FIXED: Free EQ dropping out on some devices
      • FIXED: Widget not responding on the Galaxy S5
      • FIXED: Clicking a tab results in only one shown tab

      Version 2.8.1

      • NEW: Export playlists
      • NEW: Sort playlists
      • FIXED: Missing and hidden playlists

      Version 2.8.0

      • NEW: Easier to edit playlists
      • NEW: Chromecast Audio Support

      Version 2.7.0

      • NEW: Easier to edit playlists
      • FIXED: Use less memory when loading large album art

      Version 2.6.6

      • NEW: Added some support for Samsung 4.3 and 4.4 updates. Check the JRT Studio blog for information
      • NEW: Swiping to kill the app will shutdown the background process

      Version 2.6.5

      • FIXED: KitKat lyrics view was offset
      • FIXED: Ratings randomly going missing due to 2.6.3 KitKat support

      Version 2.6.4

      • FIXED: KitKat fixes results in duplicate playlists

      Version 2.6.3

      • NEW: Support for SD cards on Android 4.4 (KitKat)

      Version 2.6.1

      • NEW: Adjust the playback speed of music. (Premium)
      • FIXED: KitKat fixes (Android 4.4.)
      • FIXED: Clearer album art

      Version 2.6.0

      • NEW: Manage album art by holding down on it
      • NEW: Sort any tab with the new sort button
      • NEW: Android 4.3 AVRCP support
      • FIXED: Many fixes, especially for users with SD cards

      Version 2.5.0

      • NEW: Enhanced playback speed (experimental) (requires premium)
      • FIXED: Fixed issue with ringtones playing instead of songs on some devices

      Version 2.4.0

      • NEW: Delete the currently playing song
      • NEW: Create a dynamic playlists in Rocket Player (Live List) based on your libraries stats
      • NEW: "Up Next" feature to insert songs into the currently playing queue
      • NEW: "Sticky Shuffle" keeps shuffle on until you turn it off
      • NEW: "Go to Artist" and "Go To Album" for the current song
      • NEW: Change the default action for several views to lower the number of clicks for your favorite action
      • FIXED: Fixed disappearing "Now Playing" issue in 2.3.
      • FIXED: iSyncr bookmarks not syncing

      Version 2.3.0

      • NEW: Recently Added, Recently Played and Top 25 playlists
      • NEW: Composer view
      • NEW: Podcast play indicator
      • NEW: Album grouping to group albums just like you like them
      • NEW: Bluetooth connection volume
      • FIXED: Playlist support is more robust



      Version 2.0.3

      • FIXED: Fixed broken rename playlist

      Version 2.0.2

      • FIXED: Fixed several crashes

      Version 2.0.1

      • FIXED: Better memory usage on small screens
      • FIXED: Random crash fixes
      • FIXED: Fixed notification on Gingerbread

      Version 2.0

      • NEW: Personalize Rocket Player with purple and blue downloadable themes
      • NEW: Flip through your tracks faster than ever with new album art gesture support
      • NEW: Shuffle smarter with a new algorithm
      • NEW: Add a playlist to another playlist to save time
      • NEW: Save the Now Playing playlist as a new playlist to keep permanently
      • NEW: Customize your lockscreen with the new lockscreen widget (4.2+)
      • FIXED: Performance improvements
      • FIXED: Fixed disc number tag editing issue
      • FIXED: Folder back button is always visible now
      • FIXED: Better bluetooth detection for a smoother auto start when auto starting with bluetooth connections
      • FIXED: Fixed issues with playing songs from a file browser app

      Version 1.7.2

      • NEW: Edit disc number support
      • FIXED: Fixed stuttering issue on some devices
      • FIXED: Fixed bug with previous track over bluetooth
      • FIXED: Added FAQ and changelog links to the help menu
      • FIXED: Fixed bug with album art not always showing the in now playing bar
      • FIXED: Playing songs from a file browser now opens the full player

      Version 1.7.1

      • FIXED: Fixes landscape album view

      Version 1.7.0

      Version 1.6.1

      • FIXED: Fixes a crash in search support affecting Android 2.1 devices

      Version 1.6.0

      • NEW: Added full search support

      Version 1.5.2

      • FIXED: Fixed volume issues on Motorola Razr M
      • FIXED: Fixed more crashes on Android 4.0.4 devices
      • FIXED: Fixed shuffle repeating songs in some use cases
      • FIXED: Fixed losing song location during device reboot
      • FIXED: Improved launch speed
      • FIXED: Fixed playlist editor losing song position

      Version 1.5.1

      • FIXED: Fixes crashes on some Android 4.0.4 devices

      Version 1.5.0

      • NEW: Support for videos
      • NEW: Sleep Timer
      • NEW: Support for the WavePack audio format
      • NEW: Option to start playing when bluetooth connects to a device
      • NEW: Video play counts when combined with iSyncr
      • NEW: Add/Remove the tabs you want

      Version 1.4.0

      • Updated UI to black theme
      • Bug fixes

      Version 1.3.1

      • Album art bug fixes

      Version 1.3.0

      • Intel (x86) support
      • Tag editing is now implemented
      • Support for more audio formats with premium unlocker: Apple Lossless (alac), APE (ape), Musepack (mpc), Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac), True Audio (tta), Waveform Audio File (wav), and Windows Media Audio Non-Lossless (wma)
      • Fixes genre issues with some devices
      • Better artist/album sorting

      Version 1.2.7

      • Keep Notification - Toggle whether you want to keep Rocket Player in the notification bar or not.
      • Support Volume Controls - Toggle whether to adjust volume on your headset
      • Audio Focus - Settings to determine how Rocket Player reacts when another application interrupts playback

      Version 1.2.6

      • Fixes songs playing slowly on some Samsung phones
      • Fixes widget size issues
      • Removes podcasts from songs tab

      Version 1.2.5

      • Adds Jelly Bean support for advanced features

      Version 1.2.4

      • Adds Replay Gain support to Rocket Player Premium
      • Adds Limiter support to the Rocket Player Premium equalizer
      • Adds "Prefer ID3 artwork" for those having artwork issues

      Version 1.2.3

      • Yet more small bug fixes as we continue work on the next big release
      • Adds new permission "Get Accounts". We use this for our new feature of unlock codes. Follow us on Twitter for your chance to win.

      Version 1.2.2

      • Small bug fixes as we continue work on the next big release

      Version 1.2.1

      • Small bug fixes as we continue work on the next big release

      Version 1.2.0

      • New: Updated icon
      • New: Explicit setting of gapless playback in the premium version
      • New: ICS default lockscreen support
      • New: Auto play on plug in support
      • New: Headset support can be completely turned off

      Version 1.1.2

      • Bug Fix: Widget crashing for some users
      • Bug Fix: Home button no longer bypasses the lock screen if it is on
      • Bug Fix: Volume buttons should not turn the screen on anymore
      • Bug Fix: Users are no longer required to wait on the media scanner to finish (but all of the music may not be present until it does)
      • Bug Fix: Editing of the "Now Playing" playlist works more fluidly

      Version 1.1.1

      • Fixes some issues customers reported via email

      Version 1.1.0

      • Equalizer Support:
      • 5 band EQ for Android 2.3 and later
      • 10 band EQ for premium users
      • Attach presets to songs

      Version 1.0.4

      • New: Pause/Skip using the status notification on Android 4.0 and later
      • New: Gray status notification icon
      • New: Adds in fast forward and rewind by holding down on the buttons
      • New: Turn on/off fading
      • Bug Fix: Live Lists from iSyncr perform better dynamically
      • Bug Fix: Rocket Player can again be used with the "Car Home" app
      • Bug Fix: "Save Battery" mode in the premium version had some issues

      Version 1.0.3

      • Bug Fix: Fixes some crashes

      Version 1.0.2

      • Bug Fix: More responsive

      Version 1.0.1

      • New: Ringtone Support
      • New: Headset Support (read FAQ for more info)
      • Bug Fix: Interference with phone ringtone
      • Bug Fix: Force close on Android 2.1

      Version 1.0.0

      • Everything is new.