What is Rocket Player?

Rocket Player is a music player application for Android devices. Your device comes with a music player built in, but that player usually does not have the feature set that Rocket Player has.

Where can I find tutorials to help me use all of the features in Rocket Player?

A tutorial list can be found at www.jrtstudio.com/RocketPlayer/Tutorials.

Does Rocket Player use any of my mobile data?

No, Rocket Player (free) and Rocket Player Premium Unlocker will not use any of your mobile data and does not require a mobile connection to play your content.

What formats are able to be played in Rocket Player?

Rocket Player supports the standard Android Supported Media formats found here. Rocket Player Premium Unlocker also supports: ALAC (Apple Lossless) files, APE (ape), Musepack (mpc), Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac), True Audio (tta), Waveform Audio File (wav), WavePack (wv) and Windows Media Audio Non-Lossless (wma).

What are the decibels that Rocket Player uses?

The decibels that we use are (+ or -) 12. However, we also have a logarithm to limit the decibels so that we do not blow listeners speakers and does not allow distortion. You can turn off the limiter by going to "Settings > Audio Settings > Limiter".

How can I upgrade to Rocket Player's Premium Unlocker?

Upgrade to Rocket Player over Google Play, Amazon Appstore or PayPal.

Why do I need this app, my device already comes with a stock player?

Rocket Player is more powerful than the stock player in several ways : sort by albums/artists/songs/genre etc, play your podcasts with bookmarks, create a new playlists, edit playlists and recording song playcounts (And ratings when used with iSyncr). Rocket Player also has unique musical features such as fade In/Out, equalizer, gapless playback and set song as ringtone.

How do I know this really works?

With over 100,000 downloads of the free version of Rocket Player, we are confident that this app will work on your device. We have an above 4.0+ Ranking on the Google Play. We also have a support staff that will answer your questions and help you get the app working.

What do other people think about this app?

Our users are ecstatic about a free app that allows the functionality of Rocket Player with its numerous features. They have ranked us with 4.0+ Ranking since the first release of Rocket Player, and it will only continue to get better.

I wonder if I can get this service for free somewhere else?

We allow our users to use this app for free! As far as we know there is not other app available with the unique and powerful features that Rocket Player displays anywhere else. Sure, there are some apps that allow you to try their features, but as far as we know, ours is the only one offered for free with these features.

What does the "Rocket Player Premium Unlocker" allow me to do?

The premium unlocker gives even more features such as crossfading, playing apple loss less file format (ALAC), preamp support, 10 band high quality unlocker, attach EQ to genre/artist/playlist etc, album art downloading, stop/stop times from iTunes (when used with iSyncr). Here is the full list of Rocket Player Premium Unlocker features available.

On my Samsung Galaxy S3, audio sounds horrible and the phone vibrates. How do I fix this?

On the Samsung Galaxy S3, you have to turn off "Auto haptic" for Rocket Player. Do this by going "Settings" > "Sound and Effects" > "Auto haptic" > "Off". You can turn this off only for Rocket Player with this tutorial.

I'm missing Rocket Player Premium Unlocker features after I paid for it?

1. Uninstall both applications (Rocket Player & Rocket Player Premium Unlocker)
2. Reinstall Rocket Player Premium Unlocker
3. Open Rocket Player Premium Unlocker
4. Press "Get Rocket Player" to download the free version from the correct store

Do I have to purchase Rocket Player Premium if I change devices or use two devices?

No! Your app purchases are tied to your Google account. View this tutorial to download previously purchased apps to a new device.

How do I quit, exit, or stop Rocket Player?

To turn off Rocket Player we recommend pressing pause and then the home button. Let Android do the rest. If you wish, you can swipe away Rocket Player from the recent apps, and it will shut down. For more information on stop buttons in Android apps view our blog post (See begin to play on connect with headphones).

How do I create a playlist using Rocket Player?

We've answered this question on YouTube!

How do I edit a playlist using Rocket Player?

Here's a tutorial on how to edit a playlist in Rocket Player.

How do I use the headset controls and what do they do?

Headset controls are available in Settings > Headset Settings. They allow you to toggle whether or not Rocket Player obeys headset commands, or whether Rocket Player begins to play when you connect your headphones.

What type of headset support does Rocket Player have?

Rocket Player works with Bluetooth and single button headphones. When using single button headphones, use the following as a guide.
1 button press - Pause/Play
2 button presses - Beginning of the current song
3 button presses - Next song
4 button presses - Previous song

Why does Rocket Player begin to play when I connect my headphones? How do I stop this?

This is a setting in Rocket Player called "Begin Play On Connect," this is why Rocket Player plays when headphones are connected. To turn off this setting press "Menu" > "Settings" > "Headset/Bluetooth Settings" > "Begin Play On Connect."

I have music that is not showing up in Rocket Player. What can I do?

Music that is not showing up in Rocket can be due to the SD card not being scanned properly. Try using Rocket Player's folder support to scan for media.

I have ringtones and notifications that are displaying in Rocket Player. How can I remove these?

Rocket Player will scan files/folders within your device for media files that are selected. Unselect these using Rocket Player's folder support.

I have album art that is not showing up in Rocket Player the way I want. How can I fix this?

Album art can be located in the file or in the album art .jpeg file that comes with the album. Rocket Player currently selects the art that your device's media scanner selects. If your desired album art is not displayed, you can enable "Prefer ID3 Artwork" in "Settings > Album Art".

How can I make Rocket Player the default Music Player?

To make Rocket Player the default music player, we need to disable Google Music. Starting in Android 4.1 disabling applications is allowed. To do this go to: "Settings > Applications > Downloaded > Google Play Music > Uninstall Updates", then select "Disable". You can reenable the Google Play application at any time.

What is scrobbling? How do I enable scrobbling?

"Scrobbling a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to Last.fm and added to your music profile" (source: last.fm/FAQ). To enable, go to "Settings > Audio Settings > Scrobbler Settings". Here you can scrobble to last.fm.

How can I use Rocket Player playlists with other apps?

Going to "Settings > Scanner Settings > Android Manages Playlists" in Rocket Player will allow you to use the Android media database that is accessed by other applications. WARNING: This will not be as stable as Rocket Player's playlists. If the media database on your device becomes corrupted, the playlists will be deleted.

When I press the home button on the lockscreen, what happens?

Rocket Player's lockscreen behaves like any other music player's lockscreen. Pressing the home button takes you to either your device's normal lockscreen if it is active or to your home screen if the device itself was not locked.

How can I see how many songs I have listed in Rocket Player?

If you'd like to view how many songs you have in Rocket Player, go to "Songs" begin playing from the top, then go to the "Playlists" tab and select the "Now Playing" playlist. This will display how many song you have in Rocket Player.

How does Rocket Player sort through Artists/Albums/Songs/Playlists/Folders/Podcasts/Genres and Videos?

Rocket Player will sort numerically then alphabetically all tabs.
However within these tabs, there is some additional sorting:
Artists - sorts by album year.
Albums - sorts by track number
Playlists - sorts by playlist edit (User assigned)
Folders - sorts alphabetically by folder
Podcasts - sorts alphabetically in tab, then by release number (if included in title) else, alphabetically.
Genres - sorts alphabetically by artist

Can I change the way Rocket Player sorts?

No, you can not change the way Rocket Player sorts its tabs.

I am missing albums/artists/playlists in Rocket Player?

First try rescanning in Rocket Player using folder support. If you are missing only playlists, try refreshing your device's media database.

After I sync my iTunes with iSyncr, the old ones still show up in Rocket player. How can I fix this?

Try to toggle "Hide Playlists With missing M3U Files" in Rocket Players "Library and Scanner" settings. Then rescan by going to "Rescan for Media" in the same setting.

How do I play all, or shuffle all songs in Rocket Player?

To play all go to the "Songs" (Tab) then press play. To shuffle all from the "Songs" (Tab) long press on a song and select "Shuffle".

Why does shuffle turn off when I make a selection?

Shuffle in Rocket Player means, randomize. i.e. Do not play a specific song/selection. When you select in Rocket Player, it means that you're playing a specific song/selection and the "shuffle" feature is turned off. Shuffle's on/off feature can be easily toggled from the "Now Playing" screen.

My widget is missing?

It could be that the application is installed to the SD card and not the internal memory. This will not allow the widget to be displayed. To resolve this select "Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Rocket Player" then select move to internal. Then try attaching the widget again.

How do I remove/add large notifications?

Large notifications were added in 4.1 and later device's - to view the large notification, place two fingers on the sides of the notification and drag down. This motion is also used to remove the notification but by dragging up.

What is replay gain? How is it calculated?

Replay Gain, is a measure of the perceived loudness of audio in computer audio formats. Rocket Player uses replay gain values, but does not calculate them. We suggest a program like Foobar2000 to put replay gain information into your music files.

How do I enable replay gain?

You can enable replay gain by going to "Menu > Settings > Audio Settings > Replay Gain". Note that your music must have replay gain information, Rocket Player will not calculate the values.

I am worried about sharing my information over the internet and my device.

Google has the following information on apps purchased in the Google Play, here. Amazon has the following information on apps purchased in the Amazon Appstore, here.

I have music that I've purchased from the Play Store, but it is not showing up in Rocket Player. Why's that?

Play Store purchased music is natively stored in the cloud and can not be played in any other music player other than Google Music while in the cloud. However, there are ways that we can add Play Store purchased music to your device's memory so that it can be played in Rocket Player. Download the Music from Google's Music Manager onto a computer and sync it with iSyncr or, drag and drop the music onto your Android's storage.

I'd like some video tutorials to get me started with Rocket Player.

Check out our YouTube Channel .

My question is not here. How do I find the answer? I found a bug.

E-mail us at [email protected].