iSyncr is not intended to be an iTunes library recovery application. iSyncr is intended to sync iTunes to Android to maintain your iTunes library from Android. We have created these recovery options/features because customers found the need for them, but this is not exactly what the application was intended to do.

Full iTunes recovery is best performed by using the old iTunes library. If you're backing up your computer regularly, this is the best option to use.

Uploading Songs with iSyncr

iSyncr is able to reverse sync songs from Android to iTunes. However, if we're recreating your entire library, this method is too slow. Connect your Android device over a USB connection to your computer. Open Windows Explorer, or Android File Transfer then transfer (drag/drop) the files onto your computer. Once the files are on the computer, add the files to iTunes by selecting "File - Add to Library", then select the files that were transferred over using Windows Explorer or AFT.

Recovering play counts

New play counts are created on Android with iSyncr to sync back to iTunes. iSyncr can be configured to sync play counts from a number of different players that support scrobbling view the full list here. These are new play counts only, your play count totals are kept in iTunes. To sync play counts to iTunes, create a play count by playing a song from your player of choice, then sync again with iSyncr over USB or WiFi.

Recovering Playlists

iSyncr works this same way with ratings and playlists, only NEW ratings and playlist adjustments are updated to iTunes. However, with ratings and playlists counts we'll adjust each so they appear new to iSyncr and update in iTunes. When we sync next, iSyncr will adjust these ratings and playlists in iTunes. To import playlists, use Rocket Player and then make a change to the playlist. Then the next time you sync iSyncr will update the playlist in iTunes to match how it appears in Rocket Player.

Here's how it should work for Playlists:

1. Your Android playlist name(s) need to be listed in iTunes. e.g. "Android Music Playlist" as blank playlists. Android should also have a matching playlist in iTunes "Android Music Playlist". Since this is a new iTunes library, you'll want to make new playlist names of all of your current playlists that are in Rocket Player. Make sure that the name is the exact same (capitals, dashes, characters, etc).

2. Edit the playlist in Rocket Player. Yes, you need to use Rocket Player to do this, no other player will work.

3. You should see a pta.xml file listed in the syncr folder of your Android device. Once the playlist is edited - this will queue iSyncr to sync the changes to iTunes.

4. Last step that we need to do is to sync. Once we do this all playlists will be added to iTunes.

Recovering Ratings

1. Ratings are easier than playlists, but may be more time consuming if you've got a lot of ratings, iSyncr only syncs NEW ratings, so we iSyncr need to think that these ratings are new. To do this, rate your song in Rocket Player one-star less than you had previously (e.g. 4 star becomes 3 stars, 5 star becomes 4 stars, etc.)

2. Now re-rate the same song to its correct rating.

3. After we do this, sync again with iSyncr.