Kindle Freetime with Rocket Player

Update 8/3/15:
Kindle Freetime no longer works with any 3rd party music players. We now recommend customers use Screen Time by Screen Time Labs. More information on Screen Time Labs can be found on their website.

Previous 12/24/13: Many customers have emailed support with frustrations over trying to listen to music in Rocket Player with Kindle Free Time. The Kindle free time app works in its own partition hard drive/storage space, which is why even when you have music, you can’t see it in Free Time.
Try the following provided by Rocket Player listener and supporter Libby H:

1) Music that is desired to be accessed by Rocket Player must first be downloaded to an external hard drive or computer.
2) Open Kindle Free Time
3) Connect the Kindle to the Computer/Hard Drive via USB
4) Open the Kindle Music Folder
4) Transfer (copy) the music files from the computer/hard drive to the Kindle Music Folder

No Sound in Rocket Player

Update: 1/14: We now have recommended fixes and resolutions to this issue here.

Update: 12/30/13: We have received information from several customers that the workaround of toggling the EQ does not operate correctly. We request if you fall into this category of customers, to contact Chris with Rocket Player support at [email protected].

Chris here with some support news for Rocket Player listeners. Several Samsung listeners have reported a loss in sound after an receiving an OTA system update on their device.
While we do not know exactly what is causing this, we do know how to work around the issue. Simply toggle (On/Off/On) the EQ in Rocket Player and your sound will return. Here's a YouTube video on how to turn ON the EQ

Contact+ App Issue Update

In my last blog post I filled in everyone on how Alan Green figured out that Contact+ is having an issue with double swiping on the Nexus 4 - 4.3. Good news! I reported the issue to Contact+ and sent them a log file. They just informed me that this bug should be fixed in their next release!


Nexus 4 Double Swipe Issue

We've had several reports from Nexus 4 users that they have to double swipe to answer phone calls when Rocket Player is running. What has been stumping me is that our Nexus 4 with the exact same build couldn't reproduce this issue. However, customer Alan Green finally figured this one out. The issue is with an app called Contacts+. Once I installed Contacts+, I was able to reproduce the issue in Rocket Player and four other music players, including Play Music, so I'm sure the issue is with Contacts+. That being said, we've not had any reports of this issue on other devices, so unless you are on a Nexus 4 running 4.3, don't worry too much about this post. :-)


BrightPlay Car HD Bluetooth Music Receiver - Equipment Review

This time I am reviewing another Bluetooth music receiver as I continue my quest to find one that will a.) Connect to my phone when I turn my car on and b.) Disconnect from my phone when I turn my car off. After reading reviews on Amazon, I decided to give the BrightPlay Car HD a try.

The BrightPlay Car HD is pretty simple to use. Just like the Belkin, the BrightPlay Car HD plugs into your aux input for audio and cigarette lighter for power. Again, my goal for this product was to allow me to start my car and have my Android phone automatically connect over Bluetooth and then use Rocket Player to start the music automatically.

The Skinny

The Bright Play Car HD might work for some, but I found it even worse than the Belkin. Unfortunately, the device does not turn off when I turn my car off. I walked into my house and my phone just kept playing music over Bluetooth, even though the car was turned off. This is a deal killer for me. The Belkin had to be manually connected to, and the BrightPlay has to be manually disconnected from. Big thumbs down.

Again I find myself in search of another Bluetooth music receiver. All I want one to do is connect to my car’s aux input and cigarette lighter. When I turn the car on and the cigarette lighter gets power, connect to my phone. When I turn the car off and the cigarette lighter loses power, disconnect from my phone.

Seriously, how hard can this be? Should I start a Kickstarter project? Am I being unreasonable? Do you know of an existing device that works? Got another hack that might work? Let me know on Google+

Belkin F4U037 Car Bluetooth Music Receiver - Equipment Review

This is my first equipment review. While most JRT Studio customers may not know this, I spend an awful lot of money on tablets, phones, phablets, bluetooth headsets, wired headsets, wired headsets with buttons, and pretty much anything else I think my customers should expect my apps to work well with. Why keep all this good information to myself? I'm going to try and write regular blog entries about our equipment in hopes it helps someone else out.

First up is a Belkin Bluetooth Car Recieiver that I bought. This product is pretty simple. It has a male mic end and a 12V cigarette lighter for power and a little Bluetooth receiver. Just plug the mic into an audio in jack on your car and plug in the 12V for power. When the car is on, the Bluetooth receiver lights up and you can connect your Android device to it. At least that is how it is supposed to work.

The goal of this product was to allow me to start my car and have my Android phone automatically connect over Bluetooth and then use my begin play connect feature in Rocket Player to start the music automatically. That way, I turn on my car and music just starts streaming. I turn off the car and music just stops streaming. Sounds like a great way for me to eat my own dog food and create a commercial free radio station that only plays music I like. :-)

The Skinny

This Belkin product is pretty cool. For $45, it did 90% of what I would expect. It was easy to connect to with my device. It sounds pretty darn good to me (for Bluetooth). Overall, I would be a pretty happy customer, except.... the device does not broadcast it is available when it first turns on. Since it does not tell the phone (oh, I tried six phones and three cars), "Hey phone, I'm available, connect to me!", the phone does not automatically connect. That means everytime I get in the car I have to unlock my phone, go to "Settings->Bluetooth->Connect to Belkin". To be honest, that is more work than just plugging the phone into a mic cable. In the end, I have to give this product a thumbs down, as it just doesn't implement Bluetooth correctly.

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Where is the love for the dark pink theme?

I have a confession to make. I am a guy and my favorite Rocket Player theme is the dark pink one. Why do I bring this up? Because today I rolled out an update to all of the Rocket Player theme apps. The reason for this is simple, I’ve got a new version of Rocket Player coming with two of our most requested features. The new features require new user interface elements, which require new theme apps. This way, you’ll have the updated theme before you get the updated Rocket Player, alleviating ugly/missing UI syndrome or even crashes if I didn’t do my job right. Anyhow, I was updating Rocket Player’s themes today and noticed that the theme I use the most, dark pink, is also the least downloaded theme! All light themes, all other dark themes, chrome and classic beat out dark pink and its 12,000 downloads. To you 12,000 users who agree with me, Cheers! Continue the conversation on Google+ -Justin

iSyncr Lite is changing to iSyncr Trial

Hello to all the awesome iSyncr users out there! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up over a change around here. Rather than leaving you all with only the information in the title, I'd like to explain why I've made the decision to move iSyncr Lite from being a "Lite" version to being a 14-day trial version. The first reason for the change is simple… I'd like to alleviate customer confusion. At this point, Chris (our amazing support guru) or I spends 20-30 minutes a day answering customer emails related to the fact that things like play counts do not work with the lite version of iSyncr. While I've enjoyed offering a lite version, the confusion causes too many headaches for people who are using iSyncr for the first time, so we've simplified all of the lite restrictions, which should save us all time. The only restriction on the new trial version is that it only supports 100 songs per playlist. That's it. Play counts/ratings/playlists/start/stop times/USB/WiFi all work with the trial version. So people trying out iSyncr for the first time will be able to get the full experience. The other reason we are switching to a trial is to simplify iSyncr's development. In the past, I would have to test the lite version restrictions with each release and spend time assessing whether to make each new feature available in the lite version or not. This time added up and took away time I could be spending adding cool new features that everyone could enjoy. There is a long list of feature requests from users that I can now start digging into with the added time. Lastly, I'd like to add that current lite users need not fear. If you've been using the lite version, it will continue to work for you, even if you update to the trial version. I didn’t want to take away any functionality from our current loyal users. However, if you get a new phone or uninstall the current version of iSyncr Trial, the 14-day trial will start for you, just like anyone else. Sorry but that is just a code thing that I can’t get around. In the end, I hope that if you do try iSyncr Trial and enjoy using it, you will consider purchasing the paid version to support my continued efforts at making quality Android music apps. Cheers! Justin

We've moved the blog!

While the company blog has been hosted at for quite some time. We've decided to make things easier and create a blog entries on our own website instead of using Blogger and a subdomain. -Justin

Android Task Killers Are Not Your Friend

Just a note to the Rocket Player users out there. Someone was seeing an issue today where they cannot add a song to a playlist. The action just silently fails. After some troubleshooting, I figured out that Rocket Player DB was corrupted, which is odd. However, the user's log file showed that Rocket Player randomly kept getting killed, which would certainly corrupt the database. The simple lesson here is that Android task killers are not your friend. I highly suggest reading about task killers via Lifehacker....