iSyncr 4.0 Is Big, Bad and On the Loose!

What is iSyncr 4.0?
iSyncr 4.0 is my latest revision of our popular Android <-> iTunes syncing application.

What changed with 4.0?
First and foremost, iSyncr 4.0 combines USB and WiFi into one easy to use application. Secondly, iSyncr 4.0 includes a refreshing new interface that follows the latest Android guidelines. Lastly, iSyncr 4.0 includes numerous bug fixes and improvements.

Why the new update?
The reason for this update is largely because we believe this will give our new and existing users a much better syncing experience. Syncing over USB and WiFi allows those who have a large iTunes library the speed to update over USB and those who want to make incremental changes to the library sync easily and quickly over WiFi.

Won't combining iSyncr and iSyncr WiFi take up more space on my Android device?
Not really, in fact, iSyncr 4.0 saves space on your Android device if you used iSyncr WiFi Add-On before.

What are some of the other new features?
  • Slicker ICS notifications when WiFi syncing. I think we've found a good balance between being informative and annoying with this update.
  • You can now view a WiFi Sync Log, to see exactly what happened during your last sync. Great for finding out what happened while you were doing something more fun then syncing!
  • In the settings, you now have the ability to force the Android device to rescan for media. This keeps you from having to download a third party application if your device fails to find new songs.
  • These new features also come along with WiFi features users have already enjoyed like automatically uploading new photo's and video's from their device and setting a synchronization interval or daily sync time.
How about older devices?
Unfortunately, in order to move forward with our latest design we are no longer supporting Android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0.

What else?
We haven't made a big deal about it, but we rolled out support for MTP (a USB protocol) over a year ago. At the time, only Android tablets supported MTP. Now most new phones use MTP, so we just want to point out that we support MTP on these new phones and tablets while other syncing solutions lag behind.

Enjoy iSyncr 4.0!

Update to iSyncr 4.0 for PC

Update to iSyncr 4.0 for Mac

Improving customer experience is vitally important to what we do here at JRT Studio. Please contact us at [email protected] with your thoughts and opinions on the update.


We are looking for iSyncr Beta Testers

We are looking for beta testers for our new release of iSyncr!

Beta testers will get a first look of what is coming with our upcoming release and help us make a rock solid version.

We have been testing iSyncr, but we always find that our users have different and complex ways to use our program that we simply have not tried and can help us track down some well hidden bugs and quirks.

To receive the beta, email us at [email protected].

Change is Coming

Something new is coming...

Stay tuned.

Rocket 1.2.6 Released August 17th

We have just released version 1.2.6 of Rocket Player! Here are the details of the update and some people who helped Justin and Chris with testing, requesting features and finding bugs.
  • 1.2.6 also has an update to for podcasts that were playing slowly. Special thanks to Rajesh Gandhi and Clinton Fernandes for testing and pointing this out. 
  • Widget support for Jelly bean was not displayed properly in using the 4x1 widget. Special thanks to Oliver Diekmann, Richard Harper and Lily Guo who notified us of this error.
  • Remove Podcasts from the songs tab a feature request from Domenick Ciccotto, and others.  
Thanks to everyone who helped us create a better product! 

1.2.5 Podcasts were displayed as songs.

1.2.6 Podcasts are now no longer displayed.

JRT Studio Moves back to Austin!

JRT Studio headquarters and lab is moving to Austin, TX!

We are packing up and moving at the end of July 2012, we hope to be up and running again the first week of August. The decision to move back to Austin, TX, where the company was initially founded, was made back in May.

We determined that we could find better talent to design and implement user's feature requests for our products Rocket Music Player and iSyncr. The interactiveness of Austin's live music community will be beneficial to our products and our users.

Check out this YouTube video on Austin!

Justin and Chris will be keeping Austin weird!

P.S. We enjoy a good margarita! If you are in the Austin community and want to meet up please contact us via email and we will get together with you! [email protected] or [email protected].

Samsung Galaxy S3 Support for USB Mac Syncing

UPDATED 8/1/2012:

We are aware of several of our users with the Samsung Galaxy S3 having issues with USB syncing on a Mac. Starting with iSyncr Desktop version 3.1.5, we think we have removed most, in not all, of these issues. Please make sure you are using "Media Device" (MTP) mode on your S3. Using Camera (PTP) mode is no longer recommended.

At this point, iSyncr should recognize your S3 and allow you to sync your media to the device. We would love it if you would drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know if you run into any issues.

Thank you for your patience.


APOLOGY: Unanswered Emails

Over the last week, we received a few emails complaining that a previous email had gone unanswered. I pride myself on my timely and high quality support as a way to separate myself from competitors so I took these complaints very seriously. After an investigation into the email software, I became aware of a bug that has resulted in a number of emails never coming into my inbox. Specifically, these were emails being sent to [email protected]. It did not affect all emails to this address as the bug appears random.

This is a true tragedy for my company since I feel one of our greatest strengths is our connection with customers over email. I cannot apologize enough for any frustration this may have caused iSyncr users. No matter if you are a free or paid app customers, I want you to know that you can always reach out to me and I will be there to answer any of your questions.

That said, I am working hard to make sure email support works smoothly going forward. At the same time, I am trying to figure out how long this has been going on as well as which emails went unanswered. I am committed to contacting all customers who I believe were affected by this issue.

Please, if you had an email to us that went unanswered, email us again immediately and we will respond to your questions.  I know that you may have switched to another app in the meantime but I still want to follow up with you.

Our deepest apologies,

HTC One X Connection Help

iSyncr user Timothy Dobbins emailed us (with these screenshots!) to let us know how you connect the HTC One X to your computer.

By default, the phone will be in charge only mode. When it is in the mode, you won't see your phone in iSyncr's menu. (Shown above)
Once you know this, just select "Disk Drive". (Shown Above)

 Then your HTC One X will show up in iSyncr's menu and you can sync away!

Thanks for the info Tim! Hopefully this will save other users a few minutes of head scratching.

Introducing Rocket Player

JRTStudio proudly presents Rocket Player version 1.1.0 with graphic equalization:

Rocket Player, available on the Google Play Store and, comes with an interactive 5 band equalizer for all users* as well as a 10 band high quality equalizer for premium users.

We enjoyed using equalizers with other Android players so much, we wanted all Rocket Player users to have the same ability to be their own musical maestro. The 5 band equalizer will come standard for all Rocket Player users* with the ability to save/load and rename presets. The equalizer comes equipped with presets such as rock, bass booster, spoken words and many others.

For our users that decide to purchase the premium version, the equalizer is upgradable to a 10 band equalizer. Further, the user can attach specific presets to subsets of media such as podcasts, albums, artists or individual songs.

An excellent user experience to all of our users is what we aim to do, and we hope that their judgements will prove just that! As far as we are aware, no music player on Android comes standard with an equalizer for free, so we are changing that today.

We encourage users to give us a try and see how Rocket Player matches up!

Note: Why haven’t we blogged about Rocket Player yet? While version 1.0 was a great start, it needing more work. However, version 1.1.0 goes beyond adding an equalizer and fixes many issues that our users helped us find in Rocket Player 1.0. This product will continue to improve, but it is now ready for everyone to use.

* Requires Android 2.3 or later

Playlist Sorting Issues with iSyncr / iSyncr WiFi on Windows

iTunes 12 update
7/16/15: In iTunes 12 sorting by playlist order is the only way to maintain playlist order on iSyncr and in Android playlists. Please use the following workaround below to copy track play order and manually arrange your playlists.

11/14/12: I'm not quite sure why, but we've been seeing an increase in customers who are reporting that their playlists are sometimes sorted in a strange or reverse order after syncing with iSyncr or iSyncr WiFi from their iTunes Library on Windows.

Technically, this is a bug in iTunes that returns the playlist order on Windows, where sometimes when you sort by a Date, Play Count, or Skip Count field, the track order that iTunes reports is incorrect.

We are working on a potential software workaround, but in the meantime, many users have had success fixing this problem in iTunes itself with the following steps:

  • Right-click on the playlist that isn't sorting correctly and choose "Copy to Play Order"
  • Now sort by the "track number", like so:

So if you've been seeing this issue, give that a try. Hopefully it will help =)