iSyncr for PC? iSyncr for Mac? iSyncr!

Starting with iSyncr 5.5, we've combined the PC and Mac version of iSyncr

  • If you purchased iSyncr for Mac, keep using it! You can download it to your next Android device for free. We are committed to keeping it up to date with all of the same features as iSyncr for PC.
  • If you purchased iSyncr for PC, keep using it! It is now just iSyncr and works with PCs and Macs just the same

We've wanted to make this change for a while, because it just makes sense. However, iSyncr for PC and iSyncr for Mac were made as different projects because of some quirks with old Android devices. These issues are not present on new devices, which now make up 80% of Android users

HTC One X Trouble Connecting To Mac OS For USB Syncing

Some Mac users are having problems using iSyncr over USB after the latest update to the HTC One. We can confirm that we are having issues with ours as well.

Using iSyncr over WiFi is going to be the easiest/best workaround. You can always setup WiFi to sync once a day at 3 a.m. like I do. This way it just happens and you always have your latest music and playlists.

Luckily for us, making a USB debugging connection was enough to keep syncing over USB.

However, I've found another guide on the web, if you are willing to root your device.

Please contact us if these methods do not work.

Android 4.4 (KitKat) - SD Card Issues

Short Version: Starting in KitKat, Android apps can only write to <SDCard>/Android/data/<App Package Name> directly. The rest of the SD card is read-only. You might want to star my feature request for Android to give you the option to remove this restriction.

UPDATE: 3/10/2015 We have developed updated versions of our applications iSyncr, Rocket Player, Folder Sync (formerly: Cheetah Sync) that now allow write access to your SD card with Android 5.0 or Android L. These are available on the Play Store now, they will be soon on the Amazon Appstore.

UPDATE: On approximately 4/1/2015, all versions of the applications have been released and are stable to our customers. We will continue to provide updates here as they become available. For information on how to grant access to our applications view this YouTube tutorial.

What does that mean for JRT Studio app users?
  • Rocket Player: On the SD card, you will not be able to edit tags, unless the files are located in /Android/data/com.jrtstudio.AnotherMusicPlayer
  • iSyncr WiFi: On the SD card, you will only be able to sync to /Android/data/com.jrtstudio.iSyncr. You will not be able to choose your own directory, such as the one iSyncr syncs to over USB.
  • iSyncr USB: Nothing. Works just the same.
  • Cheetah Sync: On the SD card, you will not be able to sync files to the SD card, unless you pick the /Android/data/com.jrtstudio.SyncFolders folder

Luckily, the following app has a fix if you are willing to root your device.

Error Messages you may see with JRT Studio applications:
  • Rocket Player - Cannot Edit Tag
  • Rocket Player - Cannot Delete
  • iSyncr - Not changing (sync path), rest of SD card is read only
  • iSyncr - Warning, Duplicates Detected

  • Want to discuss this more? I'm not shy with my email address. :-)

    Samsung Android 4.3 Update Issues

    We have seen and customers have reported issues with Rocket Player since updating Samsung devices to Android 4.3. This blog post will be kept up to date with Samsung Android 4.3 update issues and fixes as we find them. At this time, if you are a music lover, I would encourage you to wait before updating to Android 4.3.

    Verified Known Issues:
    • All Samsung devices running 4.3: 5-band low quality EQ intermittently drops out and crackles and pops
    • Some Samsung Devices running 4.3: No audio over bluetooth
    Unverified but Potential Issue:
    • Some Samsung Devices running 4.3: No audio when 5-band low quality EQ turned on
    • Some Samsung Devices running Android 4.3: Protected WMA files were apparently supported by Samsung in 4.2, and now fail to play.
    **Please read below for workarounds and additional information about these issues.

    5-band low quality EQ intermittently drops out

    This issue has been verified on all Samsung devices with Android 4.3. Update to the latest version of Rocket Player to see better performance. However, with “quick” notifications such as text messages, this issue is still present. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

    No audio over bluetooth, with 5-band low quality EQ turned off

    This issue has been verified on some Samsung devices with Android 4.3. At this time, the only known fix for this issue is a full device reset. Before doing this, make sure to backup your music. Contact JRT Studio support to help you to backup your playlists, ratings etc. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

    No audio when 5-band low quality EQ turned on

    We have been unable to reproduce this issue although it has been reported by multiple users. The workaround at this time is to either turn off the EQ entirely or upgrade to the 5 or 10-band high quality EQs in Rocket Player. We know this is not ideal but we will continue to look for another workaround. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

    If you have questions regarding these issues, need help in implementing one of the workarounds, or believe you are seeing an issue from Android 4.3 not listed above, please contact us. We want to get you back to listening to your favorite tunes ASAP.

    Rocket Music Player 2.6.5 Released!

    This iteration of Rocket Music Player was focused on stability issues with the Android KitKat (4.4) release. The 2.6.5 version resolved off-set lyrics and ratings issues reported from customers.

    Screenshot provided by Quikvans.

    Resolved by Justin with 2.6.5 update.
    First brought to our attention by Rocket Player listener/supporter Quikvans. The new iteration of the application resolved this issue thanks by in large part to Quickvans.

    Thank you to everyone who notified Justin and me about ratings issues with Rocket Player. This bug has also been resolved with the 2.6.5 release.
    Thank you for supporting Justin and me!

    NEW: iSyncr Desktop versions

    iSyncr Desktop has received a new update for PC and Mac! This update will create increased stability for USB syncing as well as bug fixes for customers. Justin is hard at work on other projects, but please reach out to us and let us know how you like the new update!
    Download iSyncr Desktop

    NYE Google Play Gift Card Giveaway!

    Upload and Share (on Google+or Facebook) a YouTube video of your unique NYE party with Rocket Music Player playing in the background. The best video (voted by Chris & Justin) will receive a $20 Google Play gift card. Points for social "shares". Points for good music playing. Points for videos with people rockin' in the new year!. Happy New Year! 

    Request for help: "No Sound in Rocket Player" (Update)

    We have received word from several Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 customers, that with the (4.3) Jelly Bean Android OS update, toggling the EQ does not operate correctly to fix "No Sound" when Rocket Music Player is playing.

    We'd like your help if you fall into this category of customers, by contacting Chris and Justin at [email protected].

    For more information on this issue, please review this blog post.

    Image taken from Outserve Magazine

    Installing Android apps previously purchased

    If you've received a new device for Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanzaa there's no need to pay for previously purchased Android apps a second time! To install previously purchased Android apps, like iSyncr for iTunes or Rocket Player Premium Unlocker, on your new device it's as simple as signing into the Google account used to make the purchase. Once you're signed in, just go to the "My apps" section and you can download previously purchased Android apps.

    Here is a full tutorial with screenshots on how to install Android apps previously purchased.
    If we're still having problems, here's Google's answer on installing previously purchased apps.

    Responsive app support

    Greetings and Merry Christmas from JRT Studio! Justin and Chris are hard at work over the holiday to help with questions you may have regarding app setups on those new devices from Santa! The elves may be done for 2013, but not our support team. Our responsive support makes it easy to setup iSyncr for iTunes and Rocket Player in no time! Please contact us if we have any issues, or if you'd just like to say, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!