How do I ensure I'm running the latest version?

1.) On your device, open up the Play Store 2.) Go to the "My Apps” section 3.) If iSyncr has an update it will say "Update" 4.) Click on the button and download the update

I see a notification about scanning for media, what is this about?

iSyncr does not scan for new media, your device does. However, we added the ability for iSyncr to show you that this is happening, because all of your playlists will not be available until this process is done, which confuses some customers. You can turn this notification on and off in the iSyncr's settings.

Why do some of my songs show up incorrectly on the device?

Android does not support MP3s with ID3 v2.4 tags. Please ensure your MP3 songs use ID3 v2.3 or lower. If you need to change a tag or do not know where this information is in iTunes, take a look at this tutorial.

Why does iSyncr not support Apps2SD?

It is a little known fact that apps with widgets should not be installed to the SD card, as the widget would disappear every time you reboot your Android device.

Can I use iSyncr to sync my Apple Music that's made available offline?

Unfortunately, no. Apple Music that's made available offline comes with DRM protection. See: DRM protection for more information.

I have problems with my playlists, what should I do?

Your device has an internal cache where it stores this information. Sometimes this cache gets out of sync. You can delete this cache by looking for an application called "Media Store" (or similar) in "Settings->Applications->Manage Applications". You may have to press the menu button and change the filter to show all applications. Once you find "Media Store", open its options page and select "Clear Data". Then reboot the device to force the cache to be rebuilt. Take a look at this tutorial for more information on how to refresh the media database.

Does iSyncr support video playlists?

Unfortunately, iSyncr does not support video playlists. This is a feature request for iSyncr.

What is iTunes update time? What does it do?

The iTunes update time is specific for customers who use smart playlists. Smart playlists must be updated with new play-counts, ratings, or other criteria that iSyncr adds upon syncing. Based on this criteria, the smart playlists will change, and the songs that iSyncr will sync will change.

Within each album the songs show up alphabetized. In other words, they are not in their original order. Is there a way to fix this?

Songs showing up in alphabetical order is an Android bug that affects aac files. If the files were mp3, that wouldn't happen. Give JRT Studio's Rocket Player app a try. It does not have this issue.

Where is all my album artwork?

To help users get album artwork on their Android device, we have created this tutorial. iSyncr will copy album artwork download by iTunes.

Why do I have an "Unknown Artists"?

This is an issue on some Android devices. We've done our best to fix this issue in our music player, Rocket Player. It may be that the tagging information in iTunes is mislabeled, be sure to check this.

Can this interact with music players other than the default "Music" app?

Yes. iSyncr will import your playlists to your Android device, which any good music app will use.

How do I sync video play-counts?

iSyncr now supports video play-counts when used with Rocket Player a free JRT Studio app found in the Play Store. This will allow you to make smart playlists for videos!

iSyncr doesn't wait for iTunes smart playlists to be updated with the new play-counts before it downloads the playlist to my phone?

This will happen over a WiFi sync when iTunes needs more time to update smart playlists than iSyncr is giving. Go to iSyncr's settings: "WiFi Sync - iTunes Update Time" and adjust the time that iSyncr will take before recognizing the songs within your iTunes playlists.

Does iSyncr copy a file more than once?

iSyncr copies all songs to the SD card under the "folder to sync to" directory. It only copies each song once. However, if you have music copied from another application, or that you manually copied to the SD card, you can indeed have two copies of a song. Also, if you change the "folder to sync" to directory, this can happen. Here's how to change the folder to sync to

How do I delete music from my device?

Try using this tutorial on deleting in iSyncr over WiFi or USB. If you delete music in iTunes, it will not be deleted on your device until you delete over WiFi or USB using the tutorial.

Why does deleting the *.m3u files not remove them from the Android music player?

There is no way for iSyncr to remove playlists from the Android music player. You have to do that manually by pressing and holding the playlist and selecting delete. However, playlists will dissappear if none of the music in them is still on your SD card.

I'm seeing a "Device Excepted" error message, how can I fix it?

Device Excepted means that there is a problem with the MTP database. Sometimes, we are able to use a different media cable and this issue can be resolved. Other times, we need to refresh the media database.

I'm seeing an issue with my device freezing when syncing over USB to my SD card?

This is an issue with the MTP connection and your SD card storage. Try the following steps:

  1. Take it slow
  2. Refresh Media Database
  3. Workaround with WiFi
  4. Sync to the SD card

I'm seeing a "Not a copyable file" error message, how can I fix it?

The "not a copyable file" error message means that when iSyncr tried to copy the file, it was not able to locate the file. First, make sure that the file is able to be played in iTunes. If the file is able to be played, resolve by refreshing the iTunesMusicLibrary.xml

Why does iSyncr Desktop not let me select my playlists, it goes right to syncing?

Try turning off autolaunch by going to the "S" icon in your system tray - right clicking and selecting "Settings". Next, try and select USB Settings > Autolaunch sync (uncheck).

I found a bug. I want a new feature. I need more help.

We can make iSyncr better if you e-mail us at [email protected]